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Amnesia and Amagami SS, are both dating like animes, in amnesia its a girl that goes out with lots of boys, with each one having their own story, and in Amagami SS is the other way around, this time its a boy dating a lot of girls with each individual story.

both are very cute, romantic and there are tons of kiss scenes :3
report Recommended by Judita8
- Both based on a dating game
- Protagonists date different people and receive different results
- Both are romance animes
- A variety of likable characters with different personalities
Overall quite similar, except the roles are reversed.
Amnesia is recommended for females and Amagami SS for males, but of course both are great animes that can be enjoyed by both genders.
report Recommended by Mirukuti
This anime almost share the same storyline and thought of story. The story revolves in a certain people doesn't really matter whether it's a boy or a girl. This person is been surrounded by people who loves him/her. Then, this people around him/her has their own route/arc for their own story with the Main Protaganist.

That's all thanks for reading my recommendation!
report Recommended by Tsururugi