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Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu
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Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu
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they have the same type of comedy, as well as the same personality for the male protagonist. They both give off that feel of being a sometimes romantic yet sometimes not genre.
report Recommended by spikesreign
The point-of-view of either stories is a male character who gives no shit about the world. Both of those characters are surrounded by peculiar ladies... so both animes kinda feature some lil bit of romance and comedy. MHS and Clannad both tell the story of a certain "club" the characters are in.
report Recommended by Tinky-Winky
They're both about a guy that talks to a nonsocial girl which leads to forming a club together.
report Recommended by _Me_
The male lead is VERY similar, and he gets dragged by the female lead on her many adventures. The two anime are both about clubs, as well as some side-stories.
report Recommended by MisaTange
Both of the main male characters give their own sarcastic opinion about what's happening during the episode, both in their heads and out loud. Kyon does it a lot more than Tomoya, but they look at things very similarly.
report Recommended by kaworu-nagisa
Both are slice of life stories involving the main male character meeting a female character who wants to start a school club of their own. The stories then follow the characters in the story trying to find members for their club and the different tasks they face in the club.
report Recommended by jbiscuits1
Both male protagonists speak very similarly, both have a slice-of-life setting, are set in high school, and include school clubs and their maintaining of them. However, Haruhi is more outgoing and humorous than Clannad, whereas Clannad is more sweet and easygoing than Haruhi.
report Recommended by OtakuKay
Both are certainly Kyoto Animations best animes ever made. Both have very intriguing, unique, and memorable main characters. Both are garbled with several varying genres but are remarkably well balanced together and articulate. The final conclusions for both series in its later adaptions are impressive and outstanding so PLEASE remain resolute and continue on to their respective sequels. You won't want to miss their conclusions, trust me.
report Recommended by vasili101
Two of the most beloved classics ! With over the top plot that will make your parents say " Why are you crying?" Both series want you to beg more, and more ! Life isn't easy of the main characters and both are carefree of their lives.
report Recommended by Toriwaru
They both take place in high school, and in both of the series, the two protagonists make a club at the school. However, in Clannad, the characters help to solve people's problems. In The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, they cause them. They were both also produced by the same studio, and there's noticeable similarities in the animation. They're also both hilarious, they both have romance, and they'll both probably make you cry.
report Recommended by sneepsnop