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Togainu no Chi
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DRAMAtical Murder
Two BL games that have been adapted to TV with the BL entirely omitted. Both have poor animation, poor production, and are an overall boring experience! Play the games! They are 10x better!
report Recommended by quercifolia
They are both based on a BL game that involves fighting. They were also made by the same company.
report Recommended by nfnf
Both are based on BL games created by Nitro+Chiral and involve a male protagonist being placed into life-or-death situations.
report Recommended by mechato
Both are non-yaoi adaptions of yaoi games from the same company, as someone somewhere thought that was a good idea. Being from the same company, they both have several things similiar. Some sort of slightly dystopia world, some sort of game. Akira and Aoba, the main characters of these two anime, more or less have the same exact backstory. A few of the characters are also similiar. And both of these shows have absolutely terrible animation.
report Recommended by Fujaku
Both are based on BL games of the same company (Nitro+Chiral, the BL-branch of Nitroplus). All of them share the genres of Action and Sci-Fi. But in DRAMAtical Murder you won't find any Shounen Ai or Yaoi part while in Togainu you can find Shounen Ai. Moreover the two animes are worth playing games even if the animation don't seem to be appealing...
report Recommended by umibe
Both are produced by Nitro+Chiral so that should make it obvious that there would be many similarities. Both are anime based on a visual novel of the same name and both have shounen-ai content although the games have a lot more of this as well as more violence and blood as a lot of this was censored in the anime adaption (especially in Togainu No Chi's case). They both have similar themes and even the characters are similar in some ways exp. the relationship between Akira (Protag) and Keisuke (Childhood friend character) reminds me of how Clear behaves with Aoba. Also, if you liked the   read more
report Recommended by oOXeonOo