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I must say that both these series have a lot in common, not only from the general "detective" style case solving but a whole lot more from having characters to atmosphere, to even the pacing of episode and story details. Having an anime where a full episode can be filled by the main character just talking very technical without it getting boring is an amazing something in any form of media. And that's what I directly found that it had a great similarity for me to Gosick and the other way around. Both anime franchises are therefor really close and have a great similar setting!
report Recommended by RafaelDeJongh
Both anime have a smart loli as an MC. Both are mystery with a splash of romance.
report Recommended by SignorOrso
it is quiet similar in that the protagonist (the guy) protect the female lead while they are trying to solve a mystery. the female lead iwanaga is actually very similar in her deduction skill and making up "lies" Victorique. both of this anime shows the dinamic of the two main protagonist and the struggle they have to face each mystery. and the gotick vibe is pretty strong in both of this anime..
report Recommended by Zakimiew
Both are mystery shows with guy-girl duos, where the girl is small, smart, and confident and the guy protects her on their adventures.
report Recommended by HetakuSoda
Detective. Detective stories are common, however, Gosick and In/Spectre are a little more focused on a good detective story as well as a good and memorable character duo, which of course, can find itself drawn to the romance side. As said, both are detective stories, they even have similar story structures Gosick has more side stories than In/Spectre, however. If you want an interesting character duo as well as a good mystery with some romance, take these two. Gosick differentiates with historical elements compared to In/Spectre supernatural, however.
report Recommended by NextUniverse
Both have Loly waifu both have mystery and both waifu are intelligent and waifu is all that matters
report Recommended by Roronoa_Zoro_8
It’s time to ditch the text file.
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