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Dragon Ball Z
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Dragon Ball Z
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Fairy Tail
well its a shounen action type anime with awesome, very funny and unique characters it has a good storyline and awesome art and animation .If you liked DBZ you should like Fairy Tail
report Recommended by Eyzi
Both are completely absurd, over the top, pointless, silly, and a lot of fun. Obviously they are both shounen action series and neither one takes itself seriously.
report Recommended by Amberleh
If you're looking for a anime you can get attached to, with characters to love, don't look any further. The worlds of Fairy Tail and Dragonball (Z) will take you on a journey where you will find yourself laughing, crying, or maybe both at the same time. Goku and Natsu have the same mentality and will do anything to protect the ones they love. Let them take you to their worlds, where struggles are there to overcome and where the words 'giving up' don't exist. You'll most likely come to love -or already love- both anime and their interesting characters.
report Recommended by Mangetsu-san
Both are long-running Shounen series each with over 150 episodes. Both share action and adventure, and are filled with lots of battles. Both have similar art styles and humor. Many of the characters share similar traits and personalities. If you’ve watched and enjoyed one of these series, I’d highly recommend you watch the other.
report Recommended by Comet1
Both are martial are based or special powers based. Both have great story line.
report Recommended by Mr_Peacewalker
It’s time to ditch the text file.
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