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The similarities between these anime are endless. Happy-go-lucky protagonists, evil villains who might aswell have been in the opposite series, their personalities, the humor they share. The series as a whole really remind me of one another and give a very similar vibe.
report Recommended by Yamaro
OPM simultaneously mocks and pays homage to many shonen tropes, most of which can be traced back to DBZ as it can be argued dbz influenced the entire genre to such a degree that every series that came after was in some way influenced by it. If you enjoy these kinds of shows you're more likely to enjoy the comedy show OPM as you will get most of the jokes and references while it retains a lot of what appeals to people that like these types of shows. DB/DBZ/Super is no slouch when it comes to humour either.
report Recommended by JVskunkape
Both anime have OP heroes fighting Aliens, Both have comedy, Extreme high levels of danger, Super powers are both in their genre. Both of these Animes HYPE level Is OVER 9000!!!!!
report Recommended by ryugax23
- Pointing out the Obvious From the first episode we have a purple Namekian looking alien similar to piccolo despite the color, as well as our main hero Saitama facing against aliens similar to Goku who is also a main character in his series. - Both Saitama and Goku are physically powerful and both are very nonchalant in the way they act and fight. - Also both seem average looking in their outward physical appearance (saitama even more so) - Both series contain Dynamic high octane action as well as some fun humour and Insane villains. - Last but not least obviously both Saitama and Goku always   read more
report Recommended by 1nfiniteXcaliber
Both anime focus on a very strong protagonist, who protects humanity from monsters and other malevolent creatures. They have a lot of action and fights, but also a lot of lighthearted comedic moments. The character design is also somewhat similar, especially the first villain that Saitama faces, who looks like a blue Piccolo.
report Recommended by BohemianRhapsody
Both anime feature overpowered characters and are both humorous. All the characters are lovable, the fights are great, and the villains are just as good. The major difference is that OPM is a parody and shouldn't be taken seriously while DBZ is a more serious show. It's clear that OPM got inspiration from DBZ.
report Recommended by SixLeafCloverOF
great story, epic battle scenes, awesome art style and animation, what more could you ask for? definitely check it out if you're a dbz fan
report Recommended by Rulz4ever
I think the main characters are extremly powerful but in Dragon Ball you watch waaaaay more episodes to see how Goku became strong, but in One Punch Man you already see Saitama strong, even if it shows you in the first episode how he became a superhero.
report Recommended by DogeGamer56
Both Dragon Ball And OPM have both powerful characters with cool attacks. And some characters in OPM use martial arts like in Dragon Ball. (Also there is a martial arts tournament in both :D)
report Recommended by KoolerGO
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