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Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha
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Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha
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Cardcaptor Sakura
both are good magical girl anime. kinda have the same plot going on, however Nanoha has fanservice.
report Recommended by zenime
Magicl Girl yumminess, but Nanoha is the best Mahou Shoujo series ever... The second season that is!
report Recommended by Zilveari
Magical girls at their finest! Both features girls who had normal life at start and by a fated encounter, would turn into our adored mahou shoujo of today.
report Recommended by ruikomatsu
Both Anime's are mahou shoujo, with CCS being mostly about Sakura Kinomoto - a fourth grade girl attending Tomoeda Elementary. MGLN deals mostly with Nanoha in the first few episodes of the season, then it switches between both her and another girl. Both Anime's have magic, both anime's have a story line, while CCS is far longer ( and more interesting my opinion) they both do fairly well in this genra. CCS is an old anime though, having been out for at least six year's from the posting of this recommendation. Though, if MGLN keeps up on the seasons it 'could' prove be quite a   read more
report Recommended by Kalshion
Like Magical Girls who hunt for items such as Clow clows or any other elemental magic,like family ties/bond,friendship development issues,do you like magical girl animes where you can connect with a misguided character who wants to please a member of her family,than Magical lyrical Nanoha for you,mixes elements of basic magical girl and advanced Technology and time demensional travel,in cardcaptor Sakura,Sakura needed to hunt clow cards to keep they're magic from falling into the wrong hands or dystroying the world,Nanoha hunts jewel seeds to keep alternate time demensions from being thrown off balance or dystroying other realities.
report Recommended by ChronoBallX
Although some may find them too similiar, I think it makes for excellent viewing. Like Cardcaptor Sakura (Cardcaptors), Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha tells the story of a young girl gifted with magical powers and a small animal-like thing giving her guidance, collecting potential dangers to the world while learning about friendship and acceptance and gaining strength. Both have similiar comedy and art.
report Recommended by hanyou-chan
both are magical girls & they have a similar history but you can say sakura is kawaii whit every one since the only rival its shaoran but since nanoha its loved and reconized by everyone even when she grows up( not like sakura ),like fate. well ibelibe they are both master pieces tha you should watch if you like this kinds of series
report Recommended by Zero_r2
Do you enjoy bright colors and sparkly explosions? Do you ever wish that there were more magical girl shows with gradually expanding casts of protagonists and lighthearted action fare? Do you like your anime sprinkled with oodles of happiness~? If so, then congratulations, these two shows will probably appeal to you! CCS is more episodic in nature, while Nanoha tends to follow one large story arc.
report Recommended by -PixieDust-
Practically The Same Genre, Just Takes Different Apporaches, Nanoho Is Collection Gem's Like Inu Yasha Expect With The Staff And What Not, One Would Automaticly Think Card Captors, And As For Card Captors, It Collecting The Cards With The Staff. Both About The Same Ammount Of Action, Just If You Like More The Friendship Thing, Nanoho Is The Way To Go, And The Lover Naturally Card Captor Sakura, Love One And You Will Surely Love The Other One ^_^
report Recommended by dai2dark
As Sakura in CCS use her "wand" ,Nanoha use a different thing but similar magic-releasing object called "device"they collecting power to make them become a stronger magic user.and the both character is also moe!and they also have cute voice.
report Recommended by TX-1000
Cardcaptor Sakura is by far loved more by one of my friends and it is quite awesome, but they are both Magical Girl anime. I watched Cardcaptor Sakura first and it was worth watching.
report Recommended by MaterialVita
Both series has quite a story that is dramatic, comical, emotional, magical, and packed with action. Both series contain a main heroine who has her life changed forever after a certain incident. In both series, the main girl's friendly personality and determination wins the friendship of many characters. They are also thoughtful and puts others before themselves. Both series also contain the theme of capturing treasures with rivals and other obstacles in their way with a sidekick. Classic magical girl series that is a must watch.
report Recommended by Stark700
Both are happy magical girl anime about a very young and innocent girl who is bestowed magical girl powers by a talking little animal.
report Recommended by LittleCaesars
Nanoha and Sakura both have to collect magical items and have rivals that they end up falling in love with. Both series can be enjoyed by people of all ages, although Nanoha has some fanservice. They're also must-watch shows for people who love magical girl anime.
report Recommended by teenqueen69
Lyrical Nanoha to me felt like a mix between Card Captor Sakura and Slayers. The design and their magical items are very much alike. Nanoha and Sakura are very similiar both when it comes to looks and personality-wise. Also they both have magical animals as companions.
report Recommended by Aurakin
They both evolve around a young, normal ever day school girl who's life is turned completely around by the depths of magic/fantasy and must face against un-natural forces of evil in order to retain what is lost - In Cardcaptor Sakura, that is the Clow cards, and in Magical girl lyrical Nanoha that is the jewel seeds. Both of them faces challenges, obstacles and especially rivalry against other ones who are similar of their kind.
report Recommended by RedMuffins