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Witch Hunter Robin
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Both series focus on a group of people within an organizations that perform special tasks; Section 9 is to GitS as STNJ is to WHR. They both contain lots of philosophizing and the stories become very very similar it around half way.
report Recommended by Danish
Both shows are very similar in the way they are arranged. Ghost in the Shell has both stand alone and complex episodes nearly all the way through, and Witch Hunter Robin starts with unrelated 'stand alone' episodes before getting into the actual 'complex' story. Both anime are fairly dark and mysterious, and both also involve a special police force like team. Section 9 in Ghost in the Shell, and the STN-J in Witch Hunter Robin. While they share many differences, Ghost in the Shell and Witch Hunter Robin also share many similarities.
report Recommended by Touka
Witch Hunter Robin and GITS:SAC both follow teams of superhuman quasi-police specialized in hunting down special criminals (cyber-terrorists and witches, respectively). They combine stand alone episodes with an overarching plot to create a cohesive whole.
report Recommended by AceJade
Just very similar vibes with the characters and story, GitS is for sure better but GitS is the best anime I've ever seen so that doesn't really say much. Robin definitely lacks a few things that GitS did well but the shows still feel very similar IMO. If you liked GitS then you'll probably like Robin and if you loved GitS then you'll definitely like Robin. If you liked Robin then you'll definitely like GitS and if you loved Robin then I'd say there's a decent chance GitS will become one of your favourite shows ever.
report Recommended by Corden_Human
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