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Both series are centered on friendship and have the same "never give up" motto. The main protagonist is in a guild\squad where there are a lot of people very different from each other. Both shows give the same vibe of "i will do anything to protect my friends" and "everyone can understand each other". Friendship, rivalry, fights, life or death battles. Different past story plot but both enjoyable
report Recommended by oOoAurorAoOo
In the first place both the protagonist are almost the same - loud, have demon powers, never giving up, protecting their friends and FUCKING BADASSES. Both anime also have a guild and they are drinking and fighting all day there haha.
report Recommended by NatsuDragneel12
Spot on same protagonist, Asta in Black Clover would be Natsu in Fairy Tail, same personality and backstory. Overall same looks, hair styles etc. Same rivals, Gray Fullbuster in Fairy Tail would be Yuno in Black Clover, both are friendly rivals. Both are set in fantasy worlds with magic users. Both have a guild/squad system where they complete quests/tasks given to them and usually venture out in groups of two. Asta has the five-clover demon grimoire while Natsu is a so called Etherious that also has access to demonic powers. Both series feature huge demons that plagued the world and is once again about to return. Asta and Natsu are both   read more
report Recommended by Primexor
When I first started to read Black Clover it reminded me so much of both Naruto and Fairy Tail. -The magian's guild is crazy like Fairy Tail. -Both stories are about a magical world -Both anime have similar characters, including magical/power fights,a lot of funny moments and scenes that touch people emotionally . -The main characters have never give up attitude .
report Recommended by gangstabrainsick
It is very much reminiscent of Fairy Tail for most of the characters. Asta and Natsu both are very head strong and impulsive, and really are only 'smart' when they are in a middle of a life or death battle. There are multiple connections to characters that are similar or about the same character style, not just Asta and Natsu. But the whole 'friendship is power' and 'I will never and cannot give up' attitudes in this show are EXTREMELY similar to Fairy Tail.
report Recommended by FTBookworm
they are both anime where the protagonists are mages who are very set in there goals
report Recommended by Wolfflamelord
The Magic is very versatile in both worlds and is being used for combat and the daily life of its inhabitants. Also the Mc joins a crazy group of outcasts and fights against whatever evil is attacking their city/kingdom alongside them.
report Recommended by xShinigami3125
Fairy Tail and Black clover are both shounens with mediocre animation and a heck load of episodes. I AM NOT HATING ON EITHER. I happen to love both of the series very much and love all of the characters. Both series have very high-strung protagonists who train to build up their magical powers. Black clover has a very interesting story and goes into the backgrounds of every character one by one so you can really see who you like. It's like how fairytail went into seperate story arcs that tied into the backgrounds of our main mage squad. I highly recommend Black Clover to Fairy   read more
report Recommended by Sasuke_UchYEEHAW
Both have team work, Boy with special power. Lot of comedy and fighting
report Recommended by MysticGod