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I see a lot of comparisons to Naruto - that's just because no one knows fairy tail. If you've seen both then it's obvious that Black Clover - art, voice actor, story, humor style is almost completely parallel. In fact, Naruto is not even remotely similar to the happy go lucky Asta - Natsu archetype. Watch more shounen before u make judgments yall
report Recommended by bryanyuchen
The best power is the power you get right after your ass is kicked but you never gave up on kicking your opponent's ass because friendship.

Also a world where magic is magic, not chakra, nen, reiatsu, etc. which is pretty much the easiest way to do magic.

Did I mention the MC's like to yell? There's a great deal of yelling, at very different qualities of voice acting.
report Recommended by Nicholaevich
When I first started to read Black Clover it reminded me so much of both Naruto and Fairy Tail.
-The magian's guild is crazy like Fairy Tail.
-Both stories are about a magical world
-Both anime have similar characters, including magical/power fights,a lot of funny moments and scenes that touch people emotionally .
-The main characters have never give up attitude .
report Recommended by gangstabrainsick
they are both anime where the protagonists are mages who are very set in there goals
report Recommended by Wolfflamelord