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Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne
well both anime has romance... both main character steals art works for reasons and in both show's another main character comes in and falls inlove
report Recommended by AnimeQT
In both anime the main character steals the stuff that evil power is possesed
report Recommended by Jelly_Spaghetti
Both involve Kaitous who are stealing the artwork for various reasons. Deep plotlines and such you will enjoy. ('Specially their manga versions.)
report Recommended by hellishsymphony
Both series feature the main character turning into a "phantom" thief to steal objects of value for the greater good of the world. In actuality, Kamikaze Kaito Jeanne is like the female version of D.N.Angel.
report Recommended by chibifox27
the story is kinda the same. two people goin after works of arts, and someone trying to catch a thief. it's pretty cool!
report Recommended by Kaziph
The only difference is that in Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne the main characters is a girl, and in DNAngel the main character is a boy. They both morph and kill demons. And the police is chasing both :)
report Recommended by ZetaZaku
Yup, they're REALLY similar o_____o'' Its cuz of the thieves, the police and stuff... A friend who wants to catch the thieve. Weird o___o' Well i still like this series cuz Dark is soooo hot 8DDD
report Recommended by antiikkikahvila
The main character is a thief who steals items that are possesed by evil while being hunted by the police. They both have a friend hunting their alter ego and a cute little "sidekick". (As long as you consider Finn cute anyway xP) Both involve angels as well. Also both main characters are a little clumsy at times. This makes the mood and the atmosphere quite similar. Both shows involve a lot of romance which gets complicated because of the double personality of the main character.
report Recommended by PokeL
Both the main characters transform into someone else to "steal" works of art
report Recommended by CuteAnimeJunkie
both are about love and stealing painting to save the world!!
report Recommended by juanitalfa
They both evolve around a main character who is a phantom thief. There is comedy, romance and action.
report Recommended by kankira
The main characters are both thieves trying to hide their identities and know the detective after them. In D.N.Angel the main character is a guy while in Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne the main character is a girl.
report Recommended by ScarletCat