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Both animes have some similar histories about music, a lot of musical references and of course a little band wanting to get bigger. There some other references but if i say it could be a spoiler so, watch it and make your conclusion. ^^
report Recommended by Jeff-Berserk
Both are about soon-to-be musicians. Beck is a more serious take on it, while K-On! is more comical about it.
report Recommended by Em_Leingod
Both of these series focus around a band struggling to 'make it big'. BECK is the more mature of the two animes, while K-ON has all the comedy.
report Recommended by gloomheart
Well apart from that K-on is about a club of girls playing, this time it's about a local band in Tokyo trying to become successful while working through their hardships of making it to fame while having some twists in romance and suspense in the plot itself.
report Recommended by Itadakiimasu
Beck is K-On if you get rid of the moe and add guys, its more serious, but its damn good
report Recommended by IAmManga
Both anime have a great music,and the main characters are both fast learner.
report Recommended by Xynz01
The only diference is the "modus vivendi" os the caracthers, but if you like the artistic life and enjoy music.
report Recommended by tinosoft
While both shows don't exactly have the bes forms of music, and are in a weird balance of realistic and fantasy with their respective bands' popularity, they both share some great chemistry in the workings of the band. K-ON takes moe archetypes and fits them in with the bands positions, resulting with some well developed characters, Beck does a surprisingly good job of portraying the sort of tropes found in many real bands. Both shows have painstaking detail to every instrument, with K-ON only showing instruments in full detail for a few seconds sadly, but on the other hand, Beck's CG guitars look great but   read more
report Recommended by EcoChocolatcchi
Both animes obviously have to do something with musicians, however, while K-ON is concentrated more on moe style designs and a more comedic tone, Beck has more of a realistic approach concerning art and is all the more serious with it's story line. If you watched one, you might or might not like the other. Both are inspiring to the musician.
report Recommended by SnakeBeater