Hatsukoi Limited., Amagami SS Recommendations

Hatsukoi Limited.
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Hatsukoi Limited.
Amagami SS
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Amagami SS
they are both about love and about couples.While Amagami is about a boy falling in love(in an omnibus style-he falls in love with various girls in different arcs) Hatsukoi Limited is about girls pursuing their love interests(couples are formed with a continuous storyline). They are both good but I like more Amagami
report Recommended by HRisa
Both are a High School romance with a fairly realistic outlook on what makes girls attractive. Hatsukoi is an ongoing story with a big cast while Amagami focuses on a protagonist and rewinds time for each arc.
report Recommended by CherryHawk
Good school-life romance story!!
report Recommended by Pavello
Several girls, several arc ... first love ...
all about;;;
report Recommended by KiraKira12
-Both shows present their romance in a unique manner.
report Recommended by DeadXAcc