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Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood
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Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood
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Series where the MC travels in search of his body parts that were lost in a forbidden ritual. Both have well-animated action fights featuring "supernatural" powers and have drama surrounding the idea of a family. Plus, both are new takes on stories that already had an anime adaptation before.
report Recommended by PlzAllow
What makes someone human? This is the question that lies central to these two shows. Both series involve a main protagonist on a quest to reclaim their body and meanwhile discovering what humanity is. Also both are able to produce sword(s) from their arm(s) and are quite capable of fighting, although their styles are different.
report Recommended by Josine
Both plots revolve around an amputee main character trying to get his body back. Both anime have a lot of action and fight scenes. Both main characters use their prosthetics as weapons. Both main characters have a younger "sidekick" whom they travel with. Both anime involve a lot of traveling with mini arcs centered around the places they visit. Both anime deal with morals and politics. Both main characters have complicated relationships with their estranged fathers.
report Recommended by HALL0WEEN
1) The MC’s are trying get their Bodies back 2) They both go on a long journey to get their goal 3) Both teach great Philosophy and ideology 4) Both Have Banger Music and Fights 5) One is about Alchemy and the Other is about Demons
report Recommended by Wiszwa
The main focus on both of these shows is that the main character/characters are trying to get their original bodies back. However, in order to do that they have to go through immoral means to get what they want. I would say Fullmetal Alchemist handles it much better though since there are more plot twists, world-building, and a conclusion that leaves the viewer with an important message, with all loose strings cut loose in the story. Dororo doesn't have a proper conclusion though, and the ending was more predictable since not many twists happened along the way.
report Recommended by Phlipps
Both feature difficult journey's to reclaim bodies that were taken away from them. Mostly centered around the two main characters. Recurring themes of moral ambiguity, family, and identity.
report Recommended by ham_phd
Both main characters are fighting with demons to get their body parts back. Both shows are the remade version. They have great fighting scenes and bloodshed scenes also. I recommend you guys to watch both if you like action and horror, or if you haven't.
report Recommended by real_noahh
You like actually good disability representation and also fighting evil monsters? Boys who are good at hitting demons and demon-like creatures into next week, all in the name of their lifelong quest to get their bodies back? Original characters and quality supporting cast? Maybe the occasional ethical quandary? You'll like this.
report Recommended by bookwyrm01
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