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Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood
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Both of these series are alternative histories regarding Europe, all of which involve the aftermath of war, though this is less apparent in Fullmetal Alchemist until one gets farther into the series. There are also steam punk elements in both series as well as the desire of moving forward, yet there is also the possibility of Fullmetal influencing Violet Evergarden in some manner.
report Recommended by Yemi_Hikari
Violet evergarden has an anchorage similar to fullmetal alchemist, remembered in ancient europe, besides both protagonists lose their arms, and have a warlike climate throughout history, I highly recommend.
report Recommended by Yukikayama
This might seem like an odd recommendation, but I believe both Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood and Violet Evergarden have a lot of similar story elements and themes, with the main difference being that FMA:B is an action-adventure series and Violet Evergarden is a drama. Both series take place in a quasi-steampunk world based on early 20th century Europe, in the aftermath of a devastating war. Many characters in both series struggle to find meaning in their lives after the war is over, and there is a strong undercurrent of loss and redemption. Both series have incredible animation and music, strong character development, great action (although Violet's action   read more
report Recommended by marimari-
Well the art style and length are very different as well of the base plot the shows, they are very similar in how you grow with the characters and the similar experience and roller coaster of emotions both shows send you on, and both shows cover the subject of wars and the effects it has on people extensively, although this show doesn't explore the whole "Supernatural Magic" stuff as FullMetal.
report Recommended by Mastergamer492
Both of mcs have metal arm.
report Recommended by ZettoKanna
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