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Mayo Chiki!
These show have almost the exact same story line. The only difference is that the main character is male intstead of female and it the bulter not the master that is crossdressing.
report Recommended by komic
Almost exact same plot where the main character is stuck with keeping a secret about the a cross dresser's secret[In Mayo Chiki it's a butler dressing girl and in MariaHolic it's a crossdressing rich boy]. They almost have the same feel but I'm finding Maria Holic funnier, while Mayo Chika plays all the ecchi out
report Recommended by Emberred
Both about crossdressing in a school with some sort of maid thing going on and an unwitting person accidentally getting stuck keeping that crossdressing a secret.
report Recommended by Racheya
Very identical, Think of Mayo Chiki as a Maria Holic but reversed, for example the lead charaters gets nosebleed/Hives from the opposite sex/Mariya and Subaru both crossdressing and the main characters fines out that they crossdress exc. Mayo Chiki is not as quirky and random as Maria Holic. MAyo Chiki adheres more to male perceptive like fan service exc.
report Recommended by OnceTwice
both have sadistic characters, both have butlers / maids
report Recommended by Licorys
Same basic plot, but gender inverted. (Well, to an extent. If Mayo Chiki was completely gender inverted there would be mass public outcry.) Both have gender bending shenanigans, and a lead that has a phobia of the opposite sex. Mayo Chiki is more ecchi, and Maria Holic takes itself a little less seriously.
report Recommended by hydro