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Ichigo Mashimaro
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Ichigo Mashimaro
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4 cute girls in Ichigo Mashimaro and 4 cute girls in k-on. Their personalities are really similar too and both animes are really funny.
report Recommended by tikuku
its just so cute.
theyre both so cuteand they both make me wanna do something
report Recommended by applecherrychan
Both series focus on a group of four school girls and the humorus things they get up to.
report Recommended by XxOtakuChiceexX
K-On really seems like it's Ichigo Mashimaro in High School. As for the episodes. While there is no definitive plot in either of them. There is a sequence that they follow, and they don't keep things random.

4 girls who hang out, and have a great time, all the time. As well as a 5th, older girl who likes to dress them up as Cosplay. That's the main theme that they share. Though the actually theme of each would be a bit different (^.^)
report Recommended by JoeSchulz
The plots are seemingly different but the animes give off an "Everyday" atmosphere, the characters of K-ON! and Ichigo Mashimaro are quite the same, and having both sister siblings.
report Recommended by Cookie-Drugs