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Two cyberpunk classics, but with a slightly differant approach. While Akira is more action-oriented, Ghost in the Shell is more cerebral
report Recommended by Hound_of_Ulster
Both films have somewhat related questions about identity and both offer multilayers of depth worth re-watching it.
report Recommended by Lightfoot
Prime examples of the cyberpunk genre. Both deal with some deep subjects, though GITS is more focused on the philosophy, while Akira is focused on action.
report Recommended by 8WhiteFox8
Similar setting: The movies both take place in a grimy futuristic metropolis teeming with all sorts of criminal activity. They both have a similar feeling to me, and have animation styles that are very reminiscent of each other.
report Recommended by Ileus
Both Akira and Ghost in the Shell are great cyber-punk thrillers and instant cult classics in the anime world. Both have to do with diving into the human mind and trying to unfold its secrets, mysteries and capabilities. If you enjoyed watching one of them then you should definitely check out the other.
report Recommended by FireHeart
Both are very mature and very influential cyberpunk films centered on the mysteries of humanity.
report Recommended by LittleCaesars
Both have great action with 90s cyberpunk/retro-futurism, set in grimy but impressive cityscapes.
report Recommended by eminakcuf
Both are from the cyberpunk era of anime and both have a Blade Runner kind of feel to them. Ghost in the Shell and Akira are exquisite masterpieces, set in dark, dirty, futuristic cities. Absolute must-see movies.
report Recommended by nerdgaard
These are both cyberpunk classics, with similar feel.
report Recommended by opasnimiki
Both are cyberpunk, cult classic anime. They have a multi-layered storyline and deal with similar themes, while also raising some interesting philosophical questions. Akira is more action-oriented, while Ghost in the Shell is more psychological.
report Recommended by BohemianRhapsody
These two films are cornerstones of the anime 'canon'. Both have ridiculously high animation quality that can put even modern productions to shame. Coupled with deep themes that stick with you long after the credits roll and presentation that loves to screw with your mind, and you have the two movies that proved to the world Japanese animation could produce works of ART. Calling yourself a serious anime fan if you haven't seen 'Akira' and 'Ghost In The Shell' at least once is like saying you're a devotee of the theater but have never read 'Hamlet' or 'Oedipus Rex'.
report Recommended by PowerUpOrDie
Both share: impressive animation, engrossing art direction, philosophical subtext, political commentary, intense action scenes, brutal violence, and thought-provoking conclusions. In short, Akira and Ghost in the Shell are two landmark anime classics that redefined their respective genre not only in anime, but other mediums as well.
report Recommended by jhan2294
Both are instant cult classics in a cyberpunk setting. Despite this, Ghost in the Shell is more prominent in the questions of identity and/or philosophy while Akira is more action-oriented. On a side note, both movies' animation is pretty damn good.
report Recommended by greypalms95
both movies are sci-fies that were really important for their time, and inspired a lot of different shows.
report Recommended by FinNote
Both sci fi anime with a kick ass main character and is set in F U T U R E
report Recommended by Loki0
The movies share the same setting, Neo Tokyo, and the same cyberpunk aesthetic. In addition, they deal with related questions about what makes a human.
report Recommended by Xeeron