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Both female leads are tsunderes. The female and male leads in both of these anime have the same seiyuus. Basically, Hidan no Aria (Aria the Scarlet Ammo) is Toradora with guns.
report Recommended by MisaTange
Same production staff, similar plot, hell even the exact same seiyuu for both main characters as Toradora. Plus lolis and guns, who could not like that?
report Recommended by aznriptide859
By request of a complainer I will go in depth into my analysis of how they are similar, Also, make a correction since I was in a hurry when I posted originally, you have a protagonist being pursued by three similar girls, one who avidly denies attraction or has no attraction from the beginning (Aria/Taiga) One who is well mannered and is similar to the Yamamoto Nadeshiko character (Minori/Shirayuki) and then you have a cute acting character that has a darkside (Ami/Riko). Further on in both Ryuji/Kinji ends up providing meals for Aria/Taiga and is treated like a slave. End Recommendation
report Recommended by dim100
The main female characters are both Tsundere. Toradora and Hidan no Aria have a Rie and Junji tandem making them sounds like Ryuuji and Taiga. They are aslo created both by J.C. Staff
report Recommended by LastOrder06
This anime follows the genre tsundere and features the the voice actor Kugimiya Rie A.K.A the queen of tsundere all anime with Rie as the main usually have almost identical moods and character types so of u liked tordora you'll love hidan no aria and many of her other her other animes including: zero no tsukaima,Shakugan no shana,Dragon Crisis,Hayate combat butler. And some that don't feature Rie but have characters identical to taiga,shana,Louise The are: gosick,C3,the mystic archives of dantalian,Tsukuyomi: Moon Phase
report Recommended by McSuperTsundere
both are by JC staff and have a tsundere lead with the same voice actor.
report Recommended by Lostorigin289
Toradora! and Hidan no Aria are similiar because of the relationships between the two main characters (Ryuji and Taiga/ Kinji and Aria). Also, Aria and Taiga are both Tsunderes (Who doesn't love Tsunderes?)
report Recommended by slayafools
First of all the similarities between the characters Aria and Taiga are incredibly similar. The male protagonists in both of the animes are share the same characteristics. The only difference in the animes are Toradora doesnt have guns the rest is incredibly similar
report Recommended by Jedobie1
Similarity - Tsundere Difference - Toradora don't have action scenes like using gun, they focus on relationship is build
report Recommended by reren
- There is no way I can not recommend Toradora!, because besides being two animes very similar thematically, they are still two animes that I loved and surely recommend to all the fans of romantic comedy 🌸😉💞😍 !!
report Recommended by AnimeSpaceBR2
Both feature a bad-tempered tsundere (Aria and Taiga) who treats the male character like a dog/slave. Both characters slowly fall for the male character the more time they spend together.
report Recommended by TheRockzSG
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