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Ookami-san to Shichinin no Nakama-tachi
Ookami-san started to develop into something meaningful other than a plotless comedy over a few episodes. That development focused on romantic struggle of the main couple. Toradora development is pretty much the same, started of funny and increasingly dramatic over time.
report Recommended by lapisdragon
Both main characters are tsunderes plus they look and act very similar! Ookami can be seen as an older Taiga =p
report Recommended by YewBow
Both anime are pretty much slice of life, somewhat comedic, high-school setting, tsundere romance.
report Recommended by hajil
Same studio and again a badass tsundere protagonist.
report Recommended by Zeino
Both animes main female main characters are the same, both physically and attitude wise (EXTREME TSUNDERE ALERT), and both have animal attributes in their names ( Taiga= Tiger, Ookami= Wolf). The both anime's art are also extremely cute and while Toradora is based upon legend, Ookami-san to Shichinin no Nakamatachi is based upon fairy tales.
report Recommended by ROLLCAKE
- the main heroines have a similar character design. - both main heroines are tsundere and know how to kick ass. - both focus on comedy-romance ( but , at least in my opinion , Toradora! does a much better job ). - both are adapted from light novels.
report Recommended by Duzell
The main heroines act, look, and think alike. The "men" of anime both have a completely different personality to what they seem to be on the surface. plus, they are both hilarious and a good show to watch.
report Recommended by aiminaoko
ryoukou and taiga look alike but one is tall and one is short ringo and minori also look the same but short and tall ryoukou has that tsundere type to her sort of just like taiga is tsundere ringo is also there to support ryoukou like minori for taiga they both have great qualities, the animes itself is somewhat different
report Recommended by ayaNATsume414
Both Ryouko and Ringo have the same sort of relationship as Taiga and Minori, not to mention they look pretty similar too.
report Recommended by okthxbaii
the main female character between these two anime is somewhat similar and both are a tsundere... BUT, ookami (meaning: wolf) is taller than taiga (meaning: tiger)... :)
report Recommended by edelweiss
The main female character is extremely similar to the main female character of this show character and looks wise (except for being taller)
report Recommended by KyonzumiNagato13
The two main girl characters in these 2 stories are very similar in looks and personality and they are both tsundere
report Recommended by xVivix3
They both have the same type of humor, both main heroines are compared to beasts (Taiga = Tiger, Ookami = Wolf), both Taiga and Ookami are violent Tsundere. The animation is also very similar. The only difference between the anime romance-wise is that the guy fell in love with the girl on the 1st episode in Ookami-san, whereas in Toradora; they fell in love with each other part way through the series.
report Recommended by Nihatclodra
Basically, i saw in them much familiar things. Of course, they are not he same, cuz Toradora is romantic novel, but Okami is little bit more fighting one. I think, you'll enjoy Okami.
report Recommended by -Anderty-
Aisaka and Ookami are really similar, Tsundere Power! They both are comedy/romance and focus on the main couple.
report Recommended by _dEleteD_
The main female characters don't only look alike but have a similar personality. (some sites even claim there it's the same character only grown up). Both have great humor.
report Recommended by pyredo
Art is similar. Ryouko looks a little like a taller version of Taiga.
report Recommended by yuraru
Both have near to no story at the beginning but develops into one(torradora does a much better job)and Ookami-San has many references to torradora and their are many similar characters. Torradora has alot of romance while Ookami-San has alot of comedy and parities. 
report Recommended by Ozzey
Tsundere wolf girl who's like the taller and cooler Taiga, alongside the gentler and more delicate version of Ryuuji. Ookami Ryouko and Taiga Aisaka both have not-so-happy backstories, as Ryouko suffered an abusive relationship, and Taiga with a hopeless father. Ryoushi (Ookami-san) and Ryuuji are similar as the two are not the best one could possibly be, but are still their for their girls.
report Recommended by theninthtail
Both series have very similar characters overall, and progress in plot much the same way; focusing on comedy in the beginning before introducing stronger dramatic/romantic elements as the story progress. They both retain their humor along the way, so no worries there! If you're going to just watch one however, please stick with Toradora, as the writing and story-telling is significantly better, plus the pay off at the end is FAR superior.
report Recommended by Benienma
- They both have the same type of humor. - Both animes resemble each other in the chrackter design (Taiga / Ookami) - Both main heroines are compared to beasts (Taiga = Tiger / Ookami = Wolf) - Both Taiga and Ookami are violent Tsunderes. - The animation is also very similar. The only difference between the anime romance-wise is that the guy fell in love with the girl on the 1st episode in Ookami-san, whereas in Toradora; they fell in love with each other part way through the series.
report Recommended by AreyKyoya
The way of how the characters deal with another are quite similar and both have an evolving relationship in it
report Recommended by Riskshocker
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