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Kaguya-sama wa Kokurasetai: Tensai-tachi no Renai Zunousen
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Kaguya-sama wa Kokurasetai: Tensai-tachi no Renai Zunousen
-Both are about characters trying to get each other to fall in love with them through various ridiculous methods of appealing to them -Both feature some surprisingly heartfelt drama and excellent character development -Both have similar main characters and some similar supporting characters, as well as a similar atmosphere
report Recommended by thelectricow
Both of them are high school romantic/comedy anime with intriguing premises and unique approaches to the romances. Both also have strong, slow burn progression over their comedic episodes. However, Toradora's character development is a lot stronger and its cast is a lot more fleshed out (at least so far, as of writing this Kaguya-sama is 2 episodes into season 2, which makes this hard to compare to a completed show), and it has more serious moments as opposed to Kaguya-sama being more heavily reliant on the comedy. Both also have absolutely adorable characters and character interactions; if you love these idiots in one of these   read more
report Recommended by Mistrals
Both deal with characters whose pride gets in the way of their love life. The portrayal of love as a game is present in both of these anime. The development of relationships are both incredibly unconventional and indirect. Kaguya-sama has more of a cat-and-mouse feel, while Toradora deals with flirting through proxy characters.
report Recommended by cmanjakaa
Both are romantic comedies set in highschool with very stuck up and prideful MCs, which are surrounded by a bunch of lovable idiots while they get close to one another.
report Recommended by xShinigami3125
Taiga-Riujin are pretty reminiscent of Shirogane-Kaguya since the male leads are both tall, poor, capable of cooking and cleaning perfectly, have a "mean" face and have troubles expressing their emotions. Taiga and Kaguya are short tsunderes that are respected by the rest of the school. While in Toradora the plot balances slightly more towards the build up of a relationship between the mains, in Kaguya the mains try to build up the relationship themselves. Said animes have a goofy airhead well "equipped" girl. Taiga and Kaguya share a similar background with a lack of certain figures or friends. While Taiga balances slightly more towards a   read more
report Recommended by CordobezEverdeen
Stories are quite similar to each other: - Main Characters' backgrounds are quite similar Girl: Very Wealthy family but are not close to/cut off from family members Guy: Not well-off - MCs don't want to admit their love for each other (more subtle in ToraDora!) - Comedic storyline - Smooth art Both shows are similar in quite a number of ways. If you liked either one of them it's likely you'll like the other if you give it a shot :)
report Recommended by gleightter
Both romances with some comedy moments, Toradora takes a more serious narrative on the whole, but is completed, so if the ending of Kaguya-Sama left you with an Itch, Toradora might be the anime to scratch it. Toradora also has some "will they won't they?" Moments in it, and a nice set of characters to boot. Visually its on the old side, but you wouldn't know its a 2008-2009 anime, and i would definitely give it a watch if you want a nice romance plot.
report Recommended by BlaggersMode
Toradora is a bit more serious (small shift towards romance) Kaguya is a bit more fun (small shift towards comedy) - Both shows are romantic school comedies, with slice of lifish bits - Both became more serious as the show went on. - Both have small, nice cast of somewhat similar characters (read other people reccomends for details) In my opinion, both also are a must watch
report Recommended by Leenbow
The common things between the two are: first, the hot-headed tsundere type heroine. Second, the type of humour and comedy is pretty much enjoyable for anyone. And third, theses two animes really stand out and are worth watching even if you don't usually watch romance or slice of life.
report Recommended by sSevenn
Both feel very similar, because of how many similarities some of the characters have, trust me if you liked one, you'll love the other.
report Recommended by SlavicIndo
a love story between 2 high schoolers with a good storyline i guess
report Recommended by anyusha123_anime
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