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Many romcoms share similar likenesses, so I could probably list others that match up decently like Chuunibyou, Golden Time, and even Yahari Ore no Seishun and such which others have listed. But I found these two to be similar because of the MC's dynamic/forced relationship with a main girl while the MC's crush is a different person.

Both also have typical things like "beach" episodes, romantic tension that occurs during scenes of the MC and female protagonist (though Nisekoi has a bit more romantic tension in its scenes). Both are also comedies and have tsundere leads.

The difference is that Nisekoi turns into   read more
report Recommended by Dragon
Romantic comedies - Nisekoi and Toradora define them with a main male protagonist trying to get attention of a girl they have set their eyes on. Unfortunately, circumstances often gets in their way. On the other hand, the main male protagonist gets into an unlikely alliance/relationship with another girl who has her own interests.

There is plenty of drama, comedy, and romance offered in both series. Perhaps the most prominent feature involves relationships the main male protagonist forms with others throughout the series.

report Recommended by Stark700
Similarities / Differences
- Lead characters have almost same personality
- Both animes have great humor
- Awesome lovable characters
- Great Endings

- Nisekoi is slightly towards more on comedy
- You have to read the Nisekoi manga to finish story
- Its Harem
report Recommended by chibinuyasha
Main characters have a similar start, by becoming acquainted, in Toradora they get close to help each other with their crushes, in Nisekoi they are faking a relationship without really knowing each other and in both they become more friendly and their feelings change later on in the story.
The main characters in both series have similar personalities.
report Recommended by Malach_Hamavet
-Both Romantic Comedies that have protagonists inadvertently start to fall for each other, despite not liking each other in the beginning.

-Both male and female protagonists personalities have similar personalities to their respective counterparts.

-Physical humor big in both shows.
report Recommended by MedicMario
Very much same situation. One guy likes a different girl, but can't get with them for reasons. Some sort of violence is invloved.
report Recommended by Kurisu655
Both have a male protagonist who starts out as a "nobody" , and with the help of a female character/ characters finds friends and love
report Recommended by Deedock100
-Blue haired protagonist
-Both like to say ''Soka'' and ''ohh'' (Ryūji says it 40 times as more)
-Both the girl are alike

More drama in Toradora and more comedy in Nisekoi
note: I personally like Nisekoi best
report Recommended by EatMee
Both are romantic comedies with the main characters in similar positions; coming from families that may give off a sense of fear to fellow classmates. Nevertheless, Nisekoi is also full of hilarious moments, loveable and similar characters, and lots of romance drama!
report Recommended by Alice_Kazuto
Both have a male protagonist that likes her classmate for a long time, but gets involved with a different girl instead. Raku and Ryuuji has similarities with their personalities, and Chitoge and Taiga as well. Basically, both anime series are great, and both have romance and whole lots of comedy.
report Recommended by manakamukaido
Both of these anime are romantic comedies. In both, there are two main love interests: Taiga and Minori in Toradora and Chitoge and Onodera in Nisekoi. Both also have a third minor interest with the same dual personality trait, Ami in Toradora and Tachibana in Nisekoi.
report Recommended by Scrom
Same cliché school comedy/romance in which basically every female friend of the main character falls in love with him in some way, shape or form.

Takasu Ryuuji = Ichijou Raku
Aisaka Taiga = Kirisaki Chitoge
Kushieda Minori = Onodera Kosaki
Kawashima Ami = Tachibana Marika
report Recommended by Zeezal
-Both have a tsundere lead
-Both "Rom-Coms"
-Similar Humor
-Has a tiny bit of fan service
report Recommended by Gobblegobble
These shows have a lot of similarities. The characters and the story are pretty much the same, also they are pretty much cliche. Toradora being more dramatic and you have way more feels, whereas Nisekoi focuses more on the comedy. If you liked one of these shows you'll probably like the other.
report Recommended by akaerna_
This show follows pretty much the same dynamic as Toradora, two main characters forced to hang out with each other but ultimately fall in love with eachother. The animation style is pretty much the same and it kinda follows the same story and dialog than in Toradora.
report Recommended by discountdaddy
Both are romantic comedy and both have very similar characters, oh yea... tsunderes
report Recommended by Nyarukyoudo