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Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai
Lead male complained and avoided by his delinquent appearance but a nice guy in the inside, also both live alone with a naive and not completely independent female whom they care while doing the housekeeping. They both also interact with a set of ladies in an institute environment.
report Recommended by evanicafan
Starting out with similar situations BokuTomo and ToraDora share many similarities within the first episode alone. Similar main male characters; both boys with mean eyes who unintentionally get their classmates to give them things out of intimidation, not to mention they know how to cook! And both series have a lonely, yet strong-willed, long-haired female protagonist who decides off the bat that she is on first-name basis with her respective boy, and he likewise becomes just as close to her. Both slice of life shows relate to the troubles of high school, be it romance or acceptance, and tell how different people can come together   read more
report Recommended by momoxtoshiro
-both have a nice guy who's a delinquent only because of their looks -both have some stuck up girls -both fe/male leads have a common goal and work towards it together. -both have a girl with just too much energy.
report Recommended by supermegasonic
Both male protagonist have been labeled as delinquents because of their appearance. They both seem to befriend to two girls who are usually quiet with snappy attitude. Both also contain parody of the female protagonist and a pretty popular girl doesn't like each other right off the bat.
report Recommended by whoodakid
Toradora! story: male lead:"I'm not a delinquent. its the eyes! It's all a misunderstanding! I'm a nice guy!" "Wah? who's that girl i bumped into?" half an ep or so later... "we're both looking for love, Lets help eachother find a boyfriend/girlfriend." Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai story: Male lead: "I'm not a delinquent. Its all a misunderstanding! I'm a nice guy" "wah? who's that girl talking to herself?" half an ep or so later "we're both looking for friends, Lets help eachother get friends." If this sounds like i'm making fun of the anime, i'm not. i freaking love toradora. My fav anime of all time.
report Recommended by Jimbo_X
Both male protagonists are mistaken as 'delinquents' because of their appearance. They both meet an unsociable female who hates people who think they 'understand' her.
report Recommended by astro-kun
-Similar male protagonist -rom/com -tsundere
report Recommended by kaminzo
-Both Mc's are known for being delinquents and most people find them difficult to approach. -Both anime tackle about friendship, how to gain them. -Both of the heroines of the story are tsunderes (or show tendencies of it)
report Recommended by caprisan
They are romantic comedies that feature a group of misfits bonding and growing together.
report Recommended by FAKECROSS97
Lol. These two animes is really had same male lead MC characterization. But, the diffirent is the story. You can really see all of the different from episide one. But, as my opinion based on the characterization from male MC, i pretty recommended these two shows
report Recommended by badabass
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