Clannad: After Story, Steins;Gate Recommendations

Clannad: After Story
If you liked
Clannad: After Story
...then you might like
Both have the same sort of drama and similar feel at some point
report Recommended by Meau94
Both have incredibly well-developed characters, and deal with parallel dimensions.

NOTE: Watch Clannad before watching After Story
report Recommended by DrHorrible123
These animes give a strong feeling of love between two people, as well as the love in a friendship. So strong in fact that this love makes the characters overcome obstacles with it. At the end I guess they are just both very moving.
report Recommended by MeTaBee
firstly I just have to say you should obviously watch Clannad first before you watch the after-story.
-Clannad after story and steins;gate are light- hearted and happy at the start
- however they then gradually get more and more dramatic until you are practically on the floor crying your eyes out
-the endings are brilliant and make you feel completely satisfied with life
report Recommended by Future_Gadget_69
-Both have drama
-Both have romance
-Both have the main character thrown into serious depression because of the loss of another

At first this may seem like a weird recommendation, but I know a lot of Steins;Gate fans who love Clannad, and vise versa
report Recommended by thelectricow