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Clannad: After Story
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Clannad: After Story
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Violet Evergarden is the return of KyoAni's glorious heartfelt and grounded Storytelling sense Clannad, more specifically AFTERSTORY: -they both are animated by the same Company KyoAni -both have grounded emotional weight in its story -follows the story of an extremely empathetic lead with troubled past seeking some form of redemption and/or consolation in life. -taps into complex emotions and experiences that permeate throughout its narrative. -has an episodic pacing to its shows structure for ease of watching. -are known for exposing viewers emotions into physical manifestation more commonly known as Tears.
report Recommended by Japahispasian
If you loved Clannad: After Story, Violet Evergarden is for sure the next anime you would like to watch. Violet Evergarden is also produced by Kyoto Animation, one of my favorite studios. It has one of the best animations I've ever, beautiful soundtrack, and tells heartbreaking stories just like Clannad does. It just has 13 episodes, so there's no excuse to not watch it. Give it a chance, I'm sure you won't regret it!
report Recommended by rtk99
Well, both are just beautiful tear-jerking anime with amazing plot and development that hit you right in the feels big time.
report Recommended by WaterLord
both are emotional bombs beware
report Recommended by RehanAlvi
Both are made by the same production team, Kyoto Animation, and hence they managed to bring out the emotions to the highest level, giving both anime a sad and beautiful story to cry to. These two anime are the only ones that I managed to relate in spiritual level and to shed tears to. Romance, comedy and realistic human interaction at its finest.
report Recommended by Ethan_07
Constantly searching for a meaning of something is difficult. Clannad After Story and Violet Evergarden are no exception to this standard. MCs Tomoya and Violet proceed on a long trek in finding their meanings relevant to their lives, whether that be about the people closed to you or what love is. On such tedious journeys, our MCs find answers to why things in life are the way that they are. Both are great s.o.l anime full of drama, both brought to you by Kyoto Animation
report Recommended by NextUniverse
Two beautifully-animated coming-of-age stories about rediscovering oneself and finding a purpose in life through bringing happiness to others. Both animes have beautiful visuals and incredible soundtracks, and it's simply hard not to fall for each character as you get to know their stories. Anyone who likes melodrama will inevitably love both Violet Evergarden and Clannad.
report Recommended by ImNotAnOtaku1
Like Clannad, Violet Evergarden is also a production from Kyoto Animation, Superb storytelling and beautiful art make this another one of my favorites.
report Recommended by HiImNameless
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