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Haibane Renmei
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It has the same atmosphere - even if the heroines are cute and nice, the reality is still bitter sweet.
report Recommended by minwonderland
Seemingly unassuming slice of life shows which eventually take a more dramatic, sinister twist. The settings in these shows are fascinating and mysterious, and play a huge role in the story, as much as the main characters themselves.
report Recommended by Cheesyhoboe
Similar setting: an isolated, ancient outpost near a small medieval town with odd traditions. Similar style: cheerful slice-of-lifeish with periodic depressing points. Similar focus: characters and their pasts. Similar Characters: A friendly, yet initally immaturely self-centered protagonist: check A highly respected, yet sometimes moody leader who takes the protgonist under her wing: check A motherly and sedate character: check A mechanically-inclined character: check Sora no Woto is just Haibane Renmai with a K-ONesque art style
report Recommended by DrHouse
Both are series that have a LARGE, and more complex universe, that... really only serves to accent/fuel the actual purpose of the series: The unbreakable bonds formed through identical circumstances. Both also have some fine art and have a legendary composer(ironically, both composers are primarily known for one or two specific series). They both start off with simply creating their own peculiar aura as well as setting up their own way of life. It isn't until later when those commonalities serve more as an obstacle than a stimulant. They both have wonderfully sweet casts. Sora no Woto's world is touched upon more than Haibane's. Less mystery in that department.   read more
report Recommended by Otaking09
If K-on similar in music motives and character design, than Haibane Renmei is similar in atmosphere. We have small closed society inside the city. Platoon 1121 is honorable part of towns life, but they aren't part of town itself. Same as Graywings honored within the city, they are outcasts in peaceful world. The beginning of Kanata's and Rio's relationships resembles Reki's and Raka's. And of course we have this quiet sensation of something hidden, but it is not dangerous, but simply unknown.
report Recommended by Sicilian
Very similar art style and characters, has the same atmosphere of a peaceful, secluded town in a very unknown world. The only key difference is that Sora no Woto tends to open it's world a bit more, while the Haibane world is only limited to both people and locales inside the wall. In fact, I was quite surprised that the two series weren't made by the same person. 0_o
report Recommended by DukeLongfellow
Sora no woto is setting is a post-war era where the previous humanity was nearly wiped out. Very little culture and knowledge seems to have survived. Throughout the series you just try to piece together what's the world is like from the main cast daily interactions. Similar to Haibane Renmei, it is some what of a mystery as to what the world around them is like. A female main character joins an existing group of characters to learn their way of life. Each episode is structured like a slice of life genre, and also the entire cast is female. You can expect character development to unfold   read more
report Recommended by lackofwords
While both are essentially atmospheric slice of life series with a focus on world-building, there are some key differences. The contrast between the serious and the lighthearted is more dramatic in So Ra No Wo To while Haibane Renmei's tends to be subtler in all aspects. Furthermore, the post-apocalyptic setting of So Ra No Wo To is beautifully tangible and chillingly possible with the story taking place in a colorful town littered with cultural relics from our own world while Haibane Renmei's magical realist universe is more allegorical in nature with fantastical elements alongside the mundane. Ultimately both series are wonderfully paced atmospheric pieces that forgo   read more
report Recommended by yuridice
Both series have a similar atmosphere of slice of life with character drama. Haibane Renmei has more thorough theme exploration whereas So Ra No Wo To has more varied character interactions. Both series start off quite slow but have fantastic endings.
report Recommended by Lobinde
-both have rather similar atmospheres -both have rather similar characters -both similar lengths -both start out more slice of life esc and have darker undertones
report Recommended by _Noil
Haibane Renmei and So Ra No Wo To both feature a similar atmosphere, but, most importantly, they both feature some similar characters and character relationships. For example, Rakka from Haibane Renmei and Kanata from So Ra No Wo To are both young, female protagonists. They are both befriended by an older girl with a mysterious and unkown past, Reki in Haibane Renmei and Rio in So Ra No Wo To. Futhermore, each series showcase a motherly character that knows more about our older girl with a mysterious and unkown past than she first lets on. In Haibane Renmei, Nemu fits this discription and   read more
report Recommended by Baikaiya