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Both are unique non-cliche works, hard to find resembling anime for both. Both have some unexpected dark and adult material down the road (each in its own way). Both using 3D CGI and at the same time both are a rare cases of art didn't get totally ruined by it like in many other anime last years. Both protagonists have animal traits (though in Dorohedoro protagonist have only lizard head, when in Beastars all characters are anthropomorphic animals) and both of them have funny moments coming from their animal species.
report Recommended by Serpent-niisama
If you are looking for something with similar animation style.
report Recommended by CrucifixAndChill
Beastars and Dorehedoro both have plots so strange and chaotic that you won't be able to stop watching. They also both contain elements of violence, gore, drama, and (light) romance.
report Recommended by TheCat_Fiddle
Both are adaptation of work done by a female mangaka, where plot take place in a unique world with some elements of black humor, mystery and tragedy. Also, both are touch on a adult topics.
report Recommended by Cold_Raw
Dorohedoro and Beastars both have similar darkness lingering in the atmosphere in their respective worlds. Although not the same with plots, they both do a good job at exploding on what it is they wish to present to the audience. In Dorohedoro, it is the madness and chaos in the Hole. In Beastars it is the drama that comes in the differences of animal hierarchy. Both are great Netflix series using 3D animation. With what was said before, Dorohedoro is chaotic, Beastars is dramatic.
report Recommended by NextUniverse
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