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Ookami Shoujo to Kuro Ouji
How is this not on here !!! Some aspects are similar to this series Just like this one the MC has to deal with an asshole crush. Both eventually start getting closer as the series goes on. These are both in a school setting, however this goes beyond school and into university and then adulthood.
report Recommended by kirito_boss
Apart from the shoujo aspect, the school setting, the romcom, the most notable similitude is that the main characters in both anime have a similar relationship. The guy is cold and the girl insists to gain the love of the guy.
report Recommended by darkuria
- Both are shoujo -Both have the main guy act high and mighty, but on this one He is the smartest, popular guy in school, that's the only difference but in both the guy is an a**hole and have that superiority complex thinking the girl will never leave them no matter how they'll treat them. - In both the girl is obviously very much in love with the guy and will do anything to make them fall for them, also they are very naive and gullible and they are not that smart, they will follow them no matter how awful they are being treated - In both   read more
report Recommended by Malach_Hamavet
Both involve a girl who is madly in love with an aloof, cold-hearted guy. In itakiss, the girl has been in love since the beginning but with ookami shoujo, she falls in love through the anime. In the end, both guys learn to love and end up falling for the girls and although they are together, they can still be cold-hearted at times.
report Recommended by AuroraDragneel
Both have nearly identical main characters. Total sadist prick male MC and masochistic girls who put up with the emotional abuse because they are in love.
report Recommended by Morgan2013
both male protagonists are sadists both animes based on school genre both shows show how the female protagonist try to win over her male
report Recommended by ibraheem234
1. Both main characters are females and are a little clumsy but has a good heart 2. The main male lead are both a tease and annoying at the beginning but then develops feeling for the heroine Itazura na kiss I believe is more serious in some episodes and more realistic in portraying romantic relationships while ookami is more light-hearted and girly.
report Recommended by MagicPotato98
In both of those two anime, the girl is trying hard to get the guy's heart, and in both of those anime the guy has a stone heart and hard to gain their love :P
report Recommended by Rimaalhamedd
School Boy at first does not feel the same about the girl Romance Stubborn girl who doesn't give up on the guy
report Recommended by vyellaella28
The characters in each show share similar traits, with the energetic girl being madly in love with the harsh treating boy. Despite the harshest moments, the girl is unable to love someone else While Ookami mainly focuses on high school, Itazura goes beyond into university and further
report Recommended by Short_Circut
both shoujo, sadistic male lead, persistent female lead who has one sided love
report Recommended by boyoungsi