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Itazura na Kiss and Ao Haru Ride shares a variety of similarities when it comes to shoujo standards. The main male protagonist both have a cold personality but does deep down care for the girl close to them. This is especially true during occasions when they are in trouble and he comes to help when needed the most. Throughout both series, obvious attraction is shown between the duo. There are certain obstacles that also get in the way of the main duo such as love rivals. Both series also exhibits realism when it comes to relationship dynamics with focus on development. I recommend both series   read more
report Recommended by Stark700
Male MC's have the same feel laid back and to themselves very smart and attractive to are Main Female character. Both Female MC's are more of a outcast not to bright but have like able qualities as the story progresses.

Both series show how real life is for teen's in high school being judged by there looks and not their personality. Also shows the struggle outside of the school life as well.

Both narrative's have Comedy, Drama, Romance, Slice of Life, School, and Shoujo elements.
report Recommended by Mastodynia
- Shoujo highschool rom-com.
- Both male protagonists have a cold personality in the beginning of the anime.
- Both female MC's are ditsy and not very popular

report Recommended by er1-c
Slow recognition of their feelings.
Both guys seems cold and distant.
At first MCs are rejected in some kind of way.
report Recommended by Eidvidas