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Sayonara no Asa ni Yakusoku no Hana wo Kazarou
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Sayonara no Asa ni Yakusoku no Hana wo Kazarou
Sousou no Frieren
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Sousou no Frieren
Frieren Beyond Journey's End and SayoAsa is a testament and a reminder about cherishing the time you have with loved ones. They both illustrate the realities of the lives of others and their fleeting, finite life. Whilst Frieren & Maquia themselves continue to simply live on evermore; due to their heritage. Both stories explores the bonds while living on with this everlasting existence, both discovering the beauty of interpersonal relationships between themselves and the mortals of the world. The gravity of the mortality of the world is well explored showing the progression of time and how it affects society. The relationship between Fern & Frieren   read more
report Recommended by IchiroEX
Maquia is such an underrated movie and I just really want more people to watch it. Both MCs are physically frozen in time, slowly aging. They both go through lessons of learning how to cherish the present. Both are set in a medieval-like fantasy world. And both stories are bittersweet but beautiful, and will make you cry.
report Recommended by ImNotLulexiaa
Maquia like Frieren tells the story of nearly immortal beings in the world of humans and their relationships and bonds to humans, these are elves in Frieren and Iorph in Maquia. -Frieren has been around for nearly a century and is incredibly powerful and had a lot of influence on the world through the party of heroes, generally stacking up on magical knowledge and skills over the centuries. In contrast Maquia is a very young Iorph and the Iorph in Maquia generally don't have any magical abilities and are mostly at the mercy of humans, either living highly secluded and far away from   read more
report Recommended by Crystalis777
Both shows explored the passage of time and the joys and pains that results. Begins with a tragic moment before exploring the melancholic but joyous journeys of life as it progresses. Heavy emotional shows that really focus on great character storytelling. Minor character interactions have heavy influence on character growth throughout the journey. Set in fantasy landscapes with gorgeous visuals and matching soundtracks. World built is deep and background plot adds to how the characters develop.
report Recommended by contrasted
-Both are creature that lived longer than human. -Got melancholic vibe to it and share the same nostalgic feeling of passage of time. -The character have regret in their lives
report Recommended by jumbosan
The show deals with time and relationships between effectively an immortal and a fleeting human life span.
report Recommended by JohnWack
Both are about characters with really long lives who interact with humans that have normal lifespan
report Recommended by guidipolito
- Both have a HEAVY focus on immortality and what it means for characters who have to watch loved ones grow up without them and eventually pass. - Both are set in fantasy worlds resembling medieval technology - Both will probably make you cry at some point - Both involve a lot of travel around their respective worlds, creating a wonderful sense of immersion in terms of world building
report Recommended by Atsunome
This Movie has the same vibes like Frieren, The OST is Great, has gorgeous animation and background, and focus on the drama and adventure genre than the action gere
report Recommended by DreamerNeverDies
I just want people appriciate the movie Both Frieren and Maquia share the same vibe of outlive everyone ,scare of having too strong of a pond to where they die it all just pain
report Recommended by Boyyuckk
Frieren is a nostalgic and bittersweet journey of a long lived elf re tracing her journey. MAQUIA when the promised flowers bloomed also shows the journey of a long lived girl, taking care of her supposedly adopted son and loving him despite knowing that she will outlive him.
report Recommended by ASAMEQQ
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