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Darling in the FranXX
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Darling in the FranXX
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Girly Air Force
Both have a childhood friend and the other main protagonist as love interests Both main characters parents are not present Both involve flying machines to protect humanity Both involve girls created to fight Both involve main character showing the other how to be a normal human
report Recommended by Urnotevenkawaii
(Contains minor spoilers below) A lot of common points, both purely physical / visual and also related to the story. Futuristic universe (this one shows up some combat airplanes with a futuristic armament & design) ; main character with pink hairs (can't miss this detail) ; strong growing up relationship between her & the other male character Main character having an issue to pilot (in Ditf : a mecha ; in GAF, an airplane) until the male character appears, etc For now, many more similarities but I won't spoil. Just consider GAF is a younger (meaning closer in the time from reality) scifi anime, showing up air fights, strong   read more
report Recommended by Otorez
Close story , sci-if anime , in darling there's a robots but in air force there's a air fighters , also close anime start but better end , there's aliens too wants to destroy the Humanity , and the heroine can't ride the air fighter without the hero , in short they are like a same anime
report Recommended by Titoot
They both have females that pilot machines to fight, in darling in the franxx you had Hiro who wanted to pilot a FranXX but in girly air force you have gripen who has issues piloting a jet, and in both shows, the duo pair they create make them push foward in the fight against the main villian, both shows are really good
report Recommended by StarrySkiezz1
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