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Shakugan no Shana
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They both have the "boy-meet-girl" trend. They both feature a tsudere, shorty, and powerful (in terms of battles) character voiced by Rie Kugimiya. Both produced by J.C. Staff.
report Recommended by eul721
I bet you love watching the same anime twice, right? Right. I bet you love watching the same anime twice, except the second anime is 11 episodes shorter and even more poorly written right? Right. I bet you :love: when a studio releases the same anime under the title of another, waters it down, and deconstructs the already poorly crafted characters they had to begin with to create more profit with minimum effort right? RIGHT. If you hate one series, then be prepared because you'll hate the other too! The cliches and uncreative writing will be sure to impress you to a new level of   read more
report Recommended by Detective
The female leads in both of these shows are almost exactly the same. Both shows have a couple of girls around the main lead, although it's obvious who is going to win. Both anime revolve around the main female and male fighting together. The main male character is quite a bit better in Hidan no Aria than in Shakugan no Shana, in my opinion.
report Recommended by supersloth
Same type of 'Tsundere' female lead
report Recommended by Keiz
A lot of action involved in the two. Both has really fiesty yet cute Tsundere girls in them. If you are looking for some action combined with romance,comedy or maybe even moe,this anime may be a good choice for you.
report Recommended by Blazing_Hearto
Shakugan no Shana, Zero no Tsukaima, Hidan no Aria, and Toradora are exactly the same. character wise. Louise, Shana, Aria, and Taiga are all girls with a petite figure but are set on making the male protagonist, Saito, Yuji, Kinji, and Ryuji their 'slave'. Hidan no Aria and Shakugan no Shana both involve fighting and missions. Toradora and Zero no Tsukaima both are more focused on school life and shoujo. However, I am sure, you will find that ALL of them are the same because of the protagonist, and all four anime are INCREDIBLY AMAZING.
report Recommended by Satsuyo
It's a similar story line, Aria has the same personality as Shana. So Hidan no Aria is pretty much Shakugan no Shana with guns, but is shorter.
report Recommended by Disguised_Kohai
-Both heroines are tsundere and have same seiyuu -Both heroines are using katana ^-^ -And both heroines have a favourite food
report Recommended by Cibiyuza
Both are the same—a sword wielding tsundere girl comes outta nowhere and messes up the main guy's life. Romance blossoms~
report Recommended by keifujiokadesu
Whenever there is trouble around the city, someone needs to stop their ambitions. It follows two characters; one who is a stubborn/tsundere personality who takes on the fighting most of the time, while the other, a male character, is basically their partner. Their goal is stopping people from either world domination, or monsters that are attacking people. Has a good variety of action, comedy, and romance. Shana is a supernatural show that Flame Hazes are present to fight monsters. Aria uses guns to battle off other people.
report Recommended by omega_d94
Both main heroines are similar in almost every way. Both are "boy meets girl suddenly and become close" types of animes. Great either way No Shana is longer but they are both really good animes.
report Recommended by NeoZeon
Main girl and guy characters. Girls tend to have a tsundere personallity. Guy characters seems to be normal until they find that one quirk. Lots of comedy and action in both. And lovable girl characters.
report Recommended by LondonKid