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High School DxD
Both main male characters are surrounded by well endowed women.. both titles are mainly focus on harem. except that highschool dxd are demons while to love-ru are both aliens and humans
report Recommended by keygen
One main male characters surrounded by a lot of pretty girls. Though it seems that the main characters are having a dream-like life, troubles are keep popping out every days. Both series are harem-based with a lot of fan services to keep your eyes open.
report Recommended by XieJinhua
Demons, boobs, Harem, cute girls, and more boobs. Although, the male main character in DxD is more badass than the one in TLR. More laughs in DxD. TLR was funnier from the OVAS and on.
report Recommended by motatotomato
There are the same in Ecchi and Harem genre as well. But not just only fan service, there are have a side story about battle that might be interested to follow. Basically all woman characters have a same way to sex appeal. But I think the man character (Yuuki Rito and Hyodou Issei) has a bit different way to respond those, although they seem enjoy it....
report Recommended by Yudistira
Both Anime are typical Harem-Ecchi-Comedy Shows with some Action content in the form of superpower. In my opinion they are also handling the romance genre a bit better then other harem-comedy shows. Also the ending from both shows are pretty similar.
report Recommended by rexarma
TO LOVE-Ru and High School DxD are one of the two modern powerhouse harems. If you enjoyed one of these then I highly recommend you watch the other. Although they have different themes, (sci-fi and space for To LOVE-Ru) (supernatural and fantasy for High School DxD) you will live both of these as a harem lover.
report Recommended by y0shin0
Same genre , same types of scenes, same animation and ecchi = ]
report Recommended by Floiyd
both have great plot both ecchi anime both have harem both romance anime
report Recommended by Abmk_Alketbi
A first season full of plot, twists and feels followed by a deceivingly high amount of fan service are what these are all about.
report Recommended by NatoBoram
There is a lot of T I T S
report Recommended by WeeBooh
Both series have a supernatural context where the ecchi scenes take place. HSDxD is about demons and To LOVE-Ru is about aliens. In HSDxD the plot is more elaborated, following the basic scheme of beginning, middle and end. By the other hand, To LOVE-Ru has stories that only unfold a chapter or two (sometimes more) but they are crazier and funnier (this last series plays with a lot with surrealism).
report Recommended by pablillo96
Full of fan service and harem type story
report Recommended by Mal_functionz
Both male protagonist is surrounded by a harem of girl . high school dxd is demon and etc , To love ru is alien and etc . Both also have ecchi and lot of fanservice Give this a try if you like fanservice .
report Recommended by Natsusama98
Both are ecchi series that revolve around a high schooler getting mixed up with people from other species and worlds. They are both also harem animes. If you liked one you'll definitely like the other.
report Recommended by blurrypixelwater
Both similar harem animes. The main protagonists are very similar to each other.
report Recommended by LennyxMizuhara
If you like the ecchi genre of High School DXD, you were going to like that of Date A Live and To Love Ru. The strength of these works is the complexity of writing that the characters receive from the author. All the characters are endearing, with stories that reinforce the main plot while highlighting the complicity between all the characters, but above all the characters are never neglected by the author whether they are the protagonist or a secondary character. The humor is not heavy but it is also not very subtle at times, clearly you're going to have a good time watching these works which are   read more
report Recommended by UltimeDelire_0
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