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Serial Experiments Lain
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Serial Experiments Lain
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Both GitS and SEL tackle the themes of the melding of humanity and machinery/computers, although they approach the concept in very different ways. SEL focuses on a single girl, and her exploration and gradual absorption into the world of \"the Wired\" (AKA the internet). It\'s semi-futuristic, and very very creepy. It\'s also somewhat more psychological than GitS. GitS is centered around on a group of cops who deal primarily with computer and cyborg related crimes. It\'s more action oriented than Lain, and at least as good. It\'s done by Production I.G., so the animation is amazing, and blends 2D   read more
report Recommended by honeybunch
they are all about computers and the network. they show us the 'imaginary facts' that human brain can do and the harm that can occur from misusing or underestimating this tech. also you may gain some interesting ideas about souls, thoughts and God from both stories. the great Computer & God Settlement they are.
report Recommended by isobel
Both are about near tech-savvy future. Both question state of humanity and and humankind.
report Recommended by the_DW
Both Serial Experiments Lain and Ghost in the Shell are dark shows that explores the world of cyberpunk in a surrealistic fashion. Both series also takes place in a futuristic world that is set beyond our modern times. Both series explores the nature of humanity with its technology in unique ways. Both series also has a similar feeling with thriller like endings on occasions. Both series also seems to have a type of network that enhances its futuristic outlook of the settings.
report Recommended by Stark700
Both tackle the omnipresence of the internet and have conspiracy in them.
report Recommended by Heralder
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