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Hatenkou Yuugi
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Hatenkou Yuugi
Hakushaku to Yousei
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Hakushaku to Yousei
A beautiful girl with magical powers accompanies a mysterious bishounen with a mysterious past and a dark agenda on a journey. Compared to the girl in Hatenkou Yuugi, Hakushaku's girl is a little more timid and her powers are more passive than active (she can communicate with fairies, but she can't cast spells--at least, not as of the first episode). Also, whereas in Hatenkou Yuugi, the girl is genuinely a companion for her two bishounen friends, in Hakushaku she is more a servant of the duke, and at his mercy.
report Recommended by Dorothea
Female leads have very strong personalities. Both series are specific comedies with a lot of magic elements, bishounens and of course both are romance.
report Recommended by doorotka
Both stories mostly made of romantic line as a background to some adventures. The main heroine doesn't seem to be taken seriously by main male characters. Btw th romantic line is partially indefinite (no clear-cut love and kisses ending for you).
report Recommended by Razmes
Both main characters are lovable, and in both you can find supernatural beings ang lots of magic. Not to mention similarity between main male characters, in behaviour and irony. Although romance in Hatenkou is more hidden, one can also clearly see it, Hatenkou is also a bit darker in themes and plot.
report Recommended by Kazia0002
In both animes, the female (main protoganist) has a very strong personality, insisting to achieve her personal aims, heartwarming, not the typical disturbing high-school girl; more the thoughtful person. The two main characters as well share their two bishounen-surrounders, with whom she experiences a lot of 'adventures' - also romantice situations, though these are unfortunately just hinted. Both Females own some sort of magical power, though one is more physical and the other rather psychic. For short: Both animes, just like the characters have got quite the same feeling and share lots of simlitaries and share quite the same genres (comedy, adventure, fantasy).
report Recommended by EternalFate
The characters felt the same and both travel with two guys on a adventure out of the extraordinary. both are great anime to watch
report Recommended by Guessed