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Sakamoto Desu ga?
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Sakamoto Desu ga?
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Keppeki Danshi! Aoyama-kun
The protagonist of both stories are the central humor to both stories as they're quite oblivious of their actions which is the reason of the comedic episodes of the anime. Both characters are particular perfect while Aoyama-kun is more of a soccer pro, and everyone else around them are full of ideas as to how to interact with them while the character himself stays oblivious.
report Recommended by Aleron
These two comedies have as main source of humor a peculiar protagonist who does everything perfectly and everyone loves or becomes a fan of him sooner or later.
report Recommended by MetaThPr4h
They both have comedy and not a real story line While one is "sports" anime and the other not One is a clean freak and other just pure awesome In both they have some sort of story Both are just really comedy even though aoyama does have more on a genre( sports) Just give Keppeki Danshi a try.
report Recommended by Lord_Valzin
The two animes have main character that are amazing in a strange way.
report Recommended by SeireiTenshi
Both main characters are a kind of good-in-all; Both main characters are loved by everyone; Both main characters have a serious personality; Both have a misterious life that no one knows about.
report Recommended by HoudiniGM
These two shows center around popular main characters who both are known for their perfection and selflessness. Even though the protagonists of both shows have a large and positive backing, both characters on a daily basis face obstacles planted by others as the result of competition, which are always dealt with in unexpectedly smooth ways.
report Recommended by QuanekiQuen
Both animes focuses on a different character while the main character acts like a secondary character to help the character being focused on.
report Recommended by RINNBA
The two main characters are known for making everything perfect and being loved by everyone (eventually). If you're looking for a relaxing show without a big story behind it, you should definitely try it.
report Recommended by Paivaa