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Peach Girl
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Peach Girl
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Both have strong female character and it seems to have the drama and also the love triangle
report Recommended by belldandy2009
Both anime are close to reality. There are lots of romance, drama and some funny stuff. Nana is a really great anime. ^_^
report Recommended by hermeane
yessss, too much crying in both of them))) heroines have characters with similar points, but they are different in main point coz different ends)) here is good end, in nana worse
report Recommended by enfer
There are a lot of drama and complications on both series hence this recommendation. Then, of course, there is romance and comedy. While NANA is more for the mature audience, both series emphasizes relationship problems that are spawned from misunderstandings and jealousy. Both of these series also have realism in which situations are present in every day's lives. It revolves around the struggle of a relationship and how to solve problems together through tough times.
report Recommended by Stark700
-Animation -Nana K. and Momo's personalities -Drama and love triangles
report Recommended by alikcem
Both anime are about friendship and romance. How hard things can get and how difficult it is to survive through it all. Both are amazing shows :)
report Recommended by Team_Galaxy
I loved both of these anime series. Both have a mature romance, a lot of drama, and a touch of comedy too. Both protagonists have rivals trying to steal their boyfriends. Well, I truly recommend them if you like romance anime with drama. ^^
report Recommended by xKawaiiTenshi-
Both have romance and complicated love triangles, both addicting to watch, funny!
report Recommended by myracleangel