Mob Psycho 100, Jujutsu Kaisen Recommendations

Mob Psycho 100
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Mob Psycho 100
Jujutsu Kaisen
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Jujutsu Kaisen
1. Master - Student pair in both ANIME. 2. Masters (Sensei) are very cool & funny character in both Anime. 3. Overpowered Protagonist. 4. Art & Animation are excellent. 5. Supernatural Anime with plenty of action.
report Recommended by Doutei-kun
Both are series based on spirits so the action is pretty similar. Both MC have really cool teachers and the animation of both series is awesome.
report Recommended by Cracker-kun
they both are action animes with comedy and both very amazing
report Recommended by ribokuassfucker
Both have supernatural monsters and powers.
report Recommended by Jeffrobro
Mob Psycho and JJK have basically the exact same premise; there are spirits harassing people around Japan, so we have to go stop them! Mob Psycho uses this in a more comedic approach, while JJK does the opposite, being much more serious, and relying much more on it's action. Both are great shows, and its really interesting to see how they both handle a very similar story concept.
report Recommended by slimysteak
Both shows involve likable and gifted characters battling against mysterious cursed spirits that represent the worst of humanity, while also being incredibly funny!
report Recommended by Scizorrat
Both have demons. People fight with people and the supernatural element fits somewhere in between. One OP character. Mob 100 is more on gag side, JJK is more Drama/Horror.
report Recommended by FuchsiaPhantasm
Jujutsu Kaisen is a shonen anime that has lots of great animated fights with great directions just like Mob Psycho :)
report Recommended by FationGjokja
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