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Both have themes about loneliness and are great psychological dramas. If that's what your looking for you should definitely watch NGE. That's only one of many reasons though.
report Recommended by Strife91
The premier anime psychological drama. Welcome to the NHK takes many cues from the Evangelion school of psychological exposition and character deconstruction, and any viewer with a taste for such things would do well to check out both.
report Recommended by Ni_Go_Zero_Ichi
Both are about main character's spiritual wounds.
report Recommended by RaymondSaint
Based on psychological and social themes.
report Recommended by Yshin
At their core, Welcome to the NHK and Neon Genesis Evangelion are both criticisms of otaku culture and the lonely anti-social existance that otaku live. (Although NHK is more about hikkikomori, it still has quite a lot to say about otaku.) NHK gives an accurate portrayal of hikkikomori/otaku life; if you are at all anti-social, you'll understand that the characters of NHK are among the most realistic you'll find from television. It certainly helps that the author of the original light novel was a hikkikomori himself. Evangelion on the other hand, is just huge ball of contempt and anger directed at otaku culture, and it really wouldn't   read more
report Recommended by SNchan
The themes of self-worth, escapism and communication are explored in both of these shows.
report Recommended by LoveLikeBlood
If you enjoyed the psychological elements of Neon Genesis Evangelion, this is a great next stop.
report Recommended by TwinBee20
Both are psychological anime that deal with depression. The main character in both have a strong desire to 'run away' from the problems facing them. Neon Genesis Evangelion is considerably harder to digest than NHK. It is recommended both be watched without reading to much about them, both are good, just go watch them.
report Recommended by Gerhakiki
Both anime contain subjects, like depression, loneliness, portrayed by a screwed-up and emotionally broken character cast. NHK takes a rather realistic approach, even if both can become extremly depressing.
report Recommended by AnimeXHunter
If Welcome to the NHK appealed to you, so will, most likely, Neon Genesis Evangelion (NGE). At first glance, it might look like both anime don't have that much in common, but they really do. While NHK shows how Sato's shut-in lifestyle leads to depression, anxiety and borderline insanity, NGE takes a different approach, but beneath this the topics stay the same. The way the portagonist Shinji and the other EVA kids are essentially forced in the whole situation preludes the dark and sombre climax and overall theme. Misaki's and Sato's relationship is, at some points, very similar to the one between Shinji and Asuka.   read more
report Recommended by TeshamMutna
These anime are vastly different from each other. One is about Mechs and the other one is about being a NEET. But they both have the same "psychological" elements to them. For Example, they both deal with depression, self-worth, E.T.C. (pretty much they're both depressing). after watching this show(or both) I recommend you to watch shows that isn't as dark as this. They really set you back to reality's dark side. Thanks to that I kind of reflected on my life a little bit
report Recommended by SegWhey_Yuki
Both are great character studies of those who suffer from depression.
report Recommended by 5TAR5TORM
Both shows deals with a main character who is somewhat lost , doesn't know what they wanted to do . In both the stories the MC progresses slowly . While nhk deals with shut - in Main character who with the help of people around them starts to appreciate life. NGA deals with MC who has now something only he can do which gives his life a purpose.
report Recommended by Gilsaber
Nudity- that makes you cringe sexual imagery-lolitta depression-hardcore depression teenage drama-Deals with real issues of teenagers. psychological aspects of teenage midlife crisis. (more like puberty)
report Recommended by almightyshiva
HEAR ME OUT; in terms of setup/genre they are completely different. evangelion is an action mech while NHK is a dark sol comedy…HOWEVER both HEAVILY focus on themes of depression, anxiety, and self hatred. nhk is about a college dropout whose friends are a high school girl who helps him to feel better about herself and a self centered college student. the mc is portrayed with many negative qualities but ultimately as simply human. all characters in nhk are portrayed as selfish and at times incompassionate but this creates a truest human aspect. they aren’t shonen heroes their actually selfish and suffering humans. it   read more
report Recommended by hikikomoriinc