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Rosario to Vampire
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Rosario to Vampire
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Both are pure service anime made for your amusement. Yes, there is harem as well as overly jiggly boobs. If you liked Rosario+Vampire, then you'll love Tu-LOVE-Ru, or otherwise. The female lead role both have lovely pink hair.
report Recommended by chibuki
Same kind of harem comedy with a lot of ecchi and fanservice in it but absolutely nothing that can be considered story that took more then 5 minute to think of. Both also havea pink haired female lead character. So if you can enjoy one of them you'll probably also like the other.
report Recommended by Mathes
They are both heavily ecchi oriented and with a bit of comedy added in. Both of the series focused more on the fanservice than on the story, which made the story very thin. They also have a pink haired female lead character.
report Recommended by HESOUT
They both have people fighting over the same person.Well in these cases, they have a group of high school girls fighting over one boy. They are both very funny, good story lines, and have really good endings. They dont just suddenly end like some others do. :>
report Recommended by yumichan
Moka-san's legendary vampire transformations and Lala's costume "dressforms" are similar, they both have pink hair and their personalities match.
report Recommended by Danim3
You like stories that started from a "fated encounter" one day? Then look no further than this two harem, comedy, romance, and school setting centered series. The male protagonist of both series has this kind of encounter that changed their life forever. The main difference though is the scenario, one is that of a supernatural encounter and the other is an extraterrestrial-life encounter.
report Recommended by Ghostalker
Both have weak male leads but they both have a harem full of supernatural girls who fell in love with the protagonist as the story goes on.
report Recommended by Aleron
Most of the girls in both these anime are not human and are from another area. The male protagonist are human and find themselves in a situation they are unable to get out of. The girls he meet are totally kawaii and it seems the male protagonist reached far within their heart in order for them fall in LOVE HIM WITH ALL THEIR MIGHT. The difference is the location they take place in.
report Recommended by AznBaka
• Both anime have jiggly boobs. ♥ • Both female lead have lovely pink hair! • Both are harem.
report Recommended by GosuDRM
To love-Ru (one of my top 3) is a story about a kid named Rito Yuuki who is desperately in love with haruna sairenji, later on in the first episode (spoiler) a girl named Lala from the planet deviluke teleports into his bath unexpectedly. now the similarities in these two shows comes down to a very fine line. both of the shows take place in highschool and in both shows the people (other then the main character) are aliens/monsters. both of these shows revolve around a shy, inept main character that doesn't know how to make up his mind to even save his life. i   read more
report Recommended by killerant0
Both have Harlems and good plots echie which is allways is a plus thay have there funny moments and all around good even if u never heard of thes titles please give them a try u just might like them
report Recommended by Manofhonorlol
The main male character in these series got off in a weird start when he met a girl with some strange characteristics. Similar wise, the female character has a characteristics of a pink hair, innocent, and somewhat lovable personality and a school filled with comedy moments. The male character, at first felt confused and frightened, but soon will get used later on. Expect some romance, and some supernatural elements on the story.
report Recommended by omega_d94
The lead, Tsukune and Rito that is, are both shy and kind. Both animes are harem, and they both have the female lead, lala and moka that is, to be a sweet, emotional and optimistic girl with long pink hair and green eyes. Their both kind of the fantasy, romance, comedy, school, shounen and of course ecchi genre. I think they both have a good story line/plot, but not the best.. at least they're not predictable. ^^ I love both of these animes especially: "rosario + vampire" but that's just my opinion. i hope you can use this for anything, sincerely Mikkel M.C.F. ^^
report Recommended by -MMCF_Nemui-
Both are pure service anime made for your amusement. Yes, there is harem as well as overly jiggly boobs.
report Recommended by LittleCr0wxx
they re both great quality harem
report Recommended by EndriMirto
That moment when you go to school and everyone wants to copulate with you, but some pink-haired goddess' father is the strongest man in the universe so you have to prove that you're also the strongest or you'll be killed for proposing to his daughter.
report Recommended by NatoBoram
both female leads have bright pink hair both have good comedy ecchi (especially jiggly boobs) both male tags have a harem of some kind of creature girls (To-LOVE-Ru has alien girls and Rosario has monster girls)
report Recommended by _korone_
Both have pink haired girl as Female Lead Both have fanservice with a bit of comedy Both MC weak but is surrounded by a harem of beautiful girl
report Recommended by Natsusama98
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