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ef: A Tale of Memories.
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ef: A Tale of Memories.
Clannad: After Story
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Clannad: After Story
Artwork in both animes is outstanding and avant-garde (same applies to ef - tale of melodies). Both incorporate supernatural characters in surreal settings and heavy doses of symbolism (ef much more so). Ef's characterization is markedly more in-depth. Clannad avoids the ef serie's intense (but well-executed) melodrama, whereas ef avoids Clannad's harem stereotypes.
report Recommended by Cinnamonsylph
It's got the same vibe and feel about it! Both animes have great characters, and the love story in both animes are truly remarkable. What the two shows also have in common is the magic and mystery of the world the characters live in! If u liked Clannad Afterstory, you will also love Ef: A tale of memories, and vice versa! They both have bittersweet ends, where you will either end up crying, or have this sense of happy feeling when the show is done!
report Recommended by 50-Yen
Both of these shows have a similar art style, that I believe aids in the telling of the story. Although I would identify Ef as a bit more on the artsy side, both shows tell their respective stories in interesting ways that fully utilize the characters and art style. Also, the characters in both these shows are vivid, real and relatable, which just enhances the ability of these shows to pull on your heart. Also, both of these shows have a unique supernatural element that at first I thought would "cheapen" the stories, but in the end I think it added to the surreal art   read more
report Recommended by nitso
Anime based on a romance, with a very original story and with a touch of drama
report Recommended by Ackron
(EG) For those who are looking for strong emotions, well built dramas, those here are the ones that best fit the request. (BR) Para quem ta procurando fortes emoções, dramas bem construidos, esses aqui são os que melhor se encaixam no pedido.
report Recommended by Romitti
Both A Tale of Memories and Clannad After Story explore really deep themes and make you look at life in a different perspective. They touch on subjects such as depression and death which would make you cry and sympathize with the characters. If you like deep and complex plots, you should check out Clannad After Story and its prequel, Clannad.
report Recommended by Pengwang117
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