Charlotte, Kimi no Na wa. Recommendations

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Kimi no Na wa.
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Kimi no Na wa.
Strange Phenomenal that caused by comet, and both have same victims (High school students). As long as the story progressed, the plot become deeper. Both have a great visual, Very worth to watch!!
report Recommended by ExTz_Thomazz
Both the stories revolve around a comet and have a bit of a romance in it. The story also progresses in a really similar way.
report Recommended by Hagaru
-It all started with a comet -Hint of romance -Both are about a boy and a girl -Alike story progression -Both are drama/school Also, in Kimi no Na wa, the two people switch bodies, on the other hand in Charlotte, Yuu could possess ones body.
report Recommended by ettientx
Both are very dramatic and has a bit of fantasy and sci fi. Both also very calm and soothing to watch. Both anime are telling about people who got 'abilities' like switching places (kimi no na wa) and other powers (charlotte). Both anime involves comet. In kimi no na wa, the comet is something that become the trigger of the whole story. In charlotte, the comet named charlotte is the one that gives abilities to teenagers which is the main of the story.
report Recommended by CurePrism
Both animations have a comet as the origin of their story's conflict. Both animations deal with adolescent life. Both animations deal with the main characters' development as a person. Both have Sci-Fi (in this case Time Travel) elements that is used as the solution to the protagonists' problems. Both are intense love stories beyond its supernatural atmosphere.
report Recommended by xMusiCax
Both have a theme of stars and leaves amazing feeling inside of you
report Recommended by ayomi
Same time aspect, except in a move. Kimi no Na wa has greater focus on the love aspect and it isn't as humorous but still exceptional.
report Recommended by UnFaZedXD