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These are quite different shows tonally, so the enjoyment of both shows would mainly rely on one's enjoyment of watching high school kids using super powers. These shows both are set in a high school full of super-powered teens. It's always entertaining to see the different techniques characters use to apply their powers to a situation, and how two or more characters' powers interact with each other. With these powers also comes the theme of the pressure these characters face by being thrust into difficult situations that kids their age in our universe would never have to deal with.
report Recommended by ThePerkyPastry
Both anime are about superpowers though Charlotte is less of an action anime.
report Recommended by Miiuco
They both have a very similar world, in both worlds they have superpowers, it's just more natural to have superpowers in My Hero Academia.
report Recommended by AliBakow
Children has superpowers. There is a school for these children. Fun to watch.
report Recommended by Half-MagePrince
Both anime have the concept of “superpowers” but they see it in different lights. In Boku no Hero, it's not a sickness and it's more common. Instead of it being looked down upon, people idolize those with good superpowers. If you want to see a kid fighting for his dreams, Boku no Hero is for you. You end up really rooting and feeling for the main character.
report Recommended by jxllo
Well, if you know what both of these shows are about, it's pretty obvious what these shows have in common. I'm far from the first person to make this recommendation. But, while the shows are very different in tone, and liking one is not a very good guarantee you will like the other, the simple plot point that these shows share is enough to justify this recommendation. In both shows some people have superpowers. Charlotte is not a superhero anime, but the characters do have superpowers. Beware though, Charlotte is a bit darker than Hero Aca. Wait... no that show can be very dark sometimes.   read more
report Recommended by WeabCreeperDude
Both featured children with superpowers (Specail Abilities for Charlotte and Quirks for MHA) and high school setting. The difference is that in Charlotte, their powers are classified as a disease because in My Hero Academia/Boku no Hero Academia is considered a gift.
report Recommended by The_Anonymous28
Both involve a school where the students have special abilties. Bith the MC's of these animes have an OP superpower.
report Recommended by imaad17
Characters have supernatural power
report Recommended by Fraulein_Strudel