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Both shows demonstrate how music clubs, especially ones that compete, can provide people with a sense of belonging, purpose, and passion. At the same time, they show the different ways people can respond to disappointment and failure, such as dejection or inspiration. Because both of these shows capture the experiences of being in a band, competing and performing, both of these shows can be relatable to anyone in school bands and nostalgic for former school band members. Also Satowa Houzuki reminds me of Reina Kousaka because of their initially cold yet capable demeanor, and Suzuka Takinami reminds me of Noboru Taki because of their initial   read more
report Recommended by SAniyoukoso
these two are one of the very few school setting animez which focus more on the "senpai-kouhai" understanding. if u liked the asuka-kumiko relation, you'll probably like the takezo-chika relation too. just give these two a watch and you'll notice the great similarities
report Recommended by yabuki-kun
The music and training and goal of nationals are very similar! Although I like this show better
report Recommended by Blackstar233
so I'll keep this one short.. Music, music club striving for nationals while bounding together more and more throughout the series
report Recommended by K1ngOfSloth
-A club that aims to go for the nationals and fight for being the best are in both -Occasional feuds between members, and just enough drama to keep it running -Staged performances with flying tensions and anticipation are there too
report Recommended by Joeywatches
Both series of characters have drama elements that play a big role in why they're playing and decided to become a part of the music club.
report Recommended by revzy