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Both animes have a supernatural theme, stylish battles, cool characters and a similar art style
report Recommended by igorrr
Both are very similar supernatural animes where the protagonists joins a group that fights demon like monsters, that only members of the group can see.
report Recommended by Jayage
Both have a huge style factor to them, with a large set of characters. The cursed monsters are also very similar to Hollows from Bleach as well.
report Recommended by Trinon
-Extremely similar concept - both series are about a boy who is living a regular life before a chance encounter means that he can now see evil creatures invisible to the human eye. Boy gains supernatural powers and begins to fight these creatures -Both take place in modern time -Both series foreshadow a traitor in the midst of allies very early on
report Recommended by thelectricow
Two protagonists whose lives change forever from one day to another, with an internal power that will be unleashed after several events in the development of their respective stories, since that specific situation that impact them to protect the people they love.
report Recommended by AxShinigami
-Similar protagonist -Similar atmosphere -Similar art style They both deal with "souls" main heroes are just students and then they get some powers and all that stuff!! If you love bleach then you will love Jujutsu kaisen too...
report Recommended by Kong38
They're really similar in terms of dealing with souls and "monsters" and such. Both main characters are strong from the beginning and have carefree nonchalant like dispositions while also caring for their friends I think if you liked bleach and kinda want the same type of plot and concepts like dealing with souls, you should definitely give this a try! The manga is really good too.
report Recommended by kerikogane
-Similar MC -Both have a group dedicated to fighting evil spirits -Both have cool fights
report Recommended by Zrxl
Both are about protagonists being introduced into a new supernatural realm. Both have great light hearted characters.
report Recommended by sparrowj7
The author already talked about that Jujutsu kaisen highly inspired by bleach -almost same plot -awesome fighting -Some characters are similar especially Gojo inspired from Urahara & Sukuna inspired from Ichigo Hollow Jujutsu kaisen great new-gen shounen anime & Bleach great evergreen shounen anime!!
report Recommended by NakuMan_
In both Bleach and Jujutsu Kaisen, the main character (who can see ghosts) joins a group to help protect people. Gege Akutami said that he was inspired by Bleach, and it shows. Both anime have a very similar feeling, art style and fighting style. The main differences are the length and animation quality. Bleach has more episodes and lower animation quality, while Jujutsu Kaisen is 24 episodes (for now) and has really good animation quality. Both are still pretty good anime, though I think that Jujutsu Kaisen is better than Bleach. Check out both if you can, but if you had to go with one, check   read more
report Recommended by SebCyrSC2000
-Both deal with curse, spirits etc supernatural stuffs -Both have a similar mc with a hidden demon -Both have similar power systems In short, Jujutsu kaisen is upgraded Bleach version with less characters but more character and plot depth....
report Recommended by SheeshIrei
Both anime have similar art style and atmosphere. The protagonists in both series are students with special powers who are dealing with "monsters" and both have great fight scenes
report Recommended by TrxshShinigami
-The author of JJK has already told us that he was inspired by Bleach -Both have a faction who hunt demon like creatures -Both have a goofy MC -Both have drip -Both have relaxed guys who are OP af (I can go on for a while, just go watch bleach, it's my fav out of the big three)
report Recommended by TheOtakuKaiser
similar supernatural feel of monsters to both animes with a mc's that have a pretty similar i ideology and is also similar to Naruto because it has a similar system and format to Naruto by teams, missions, power system but before part 2 , since part 2 power levels went out of control.
report Recommended by JayDaAnimeLord
Has many similarities like: 1. It is set in a supernatural world 2. The characters have interesting designs and abilities 3. The Main Protagonist has a unique demonic power 4. Jujutsu Kaisen was inspired by Bleach 5. Supernatural beings from both anime are similar.
report Recommended by Terror_Blade
Similar: They both involve main characters that want to fight off evil curse beings that invade the real world and MCs wants to do whatever it takes to protect those around them. MCs also have similar personalities and have similar physique to them. Difference: In Bleach, the evil spirits are called Hollows and those that hunt them are called Soul Reapers and they use their Zanpakuto as weapons which usually comes in a form of a sword where as JJK characters use curse energy. Both shows are great with strong characters, OSTs, and animation.
report Recommended by AfterRed14
Intentionally or otherwise, Jujutsu Kaisen draws even more inspiration from Bleach via its original premise: A bunch of extremely powerful and especially freaky monsters with varying degrees of sentience tied to lingering attachments of the dead that not everyone can see get exterminated by teenagers.
report Recommended by RenSuu
The whole cast is very similar to the bleach cast and they have similar enemy type
report Recommended by chipwithedip