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Black Clover
Similar premises of Magic Knights and Soul Reapers being in squads that serve their respective countries. The creator of Black Clover stated that Bleach was an inspiration for his series.
report Recommended by Ronin_Ray
If your into demons and supernatural sort of thing, these two we're the right ones to watch. Both protagonist posses similar sort of dark abilities and a similar dream to achieve.
report Recommended by Ayato_Ig
Both are battle shounen, with Themes of friendship and lots of battles, also The two big organizations in these two series are very similar, with a bunch of captains leading their own squads and one figure standing above them all.
report Recommended by xShinigami3125
Both are great Shounen and highly enjoyable They have great fights, good music and good animation in fights specially black clover Bleach has a soul reaper setting , while black clover has magic
report Recommended by Casual_Elite
Both these shows have a balance of serious moments as well as funny ones. Both also take the time to focus on some of the side characters, while also making some of the other characters with less screentime have a bit more of a personality instead of making them obscure.
report Recommended by buttermeowo
Similarities: Both Bleach and Black Clover are very similar story-wise and character-wise Both anime's Main Characters go from having nothing (very weak) but is steady Both MCs has rival friends who compete against them to get better Both MCs have similar goals Both are underestimated and they surpass their limits which surprises their friends
report Recommended by Yuukinaa
Swordsman MC's, squads of fighters, great side casts, and cool transformations with powers based on the users' personalities.
report Recommended by fptbljtqxmiucce
Black Clover and Bleach are shonens with typical shonen stamps, I don't want to talk about them here. Instead, I'd mention that both series have amazing characters that are fun to watch. Both stories have good villains and untypically for shonens actually good plot. Also both main characters are incredibly overpowered swordsmans who just want to help their friends. The sense of humour in both anime is similar too, ranging from poop and butt jokes to really smart and funny ones. Finally, two of the shonens are really interesting to watch, but you need to give them some time.
report Recommended by Patiss0n
they both are pretty good anime its a must watch there are many similarities between them also yuki tabata himself has said he is a huge fan of bleach alongside kubo sensei you will enjoy it as its an old gen
report Recommended by shounenempire
Main character uses swordsmanship and has a relationship to an extent with the source of their main power.
report Recommended by SteelBallShrek
Black Clover and Bleach are both entertaining animes where you would jump out of excitement and root for them until the end because both main characters of the two shows will never quit if it's for a friend or family.
report Recommended by Ichigos_Disciple