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Both have: - Dark atmosphere with mystery related to supernatural events. - Main gang has unexpected powers related to their mind. - The setting is a small village and the main girl is related to a temple. - Spirits/ghosts.
report Recommended by Orulyon
To me, these two series are quite alike. Both Shinsekai Yori and Ghost Hound adopts the theme of science fiction, supernatural mystery, and also gives off a mysterious atmosphere that occasionally leaves the viewers with thriller like endings. Both series' setting reflects on a more country side/village environment as opposed to a dystopian setting. As such, there is more of a mystical background. From that backgrounds, the main characters from both series also has a similar age range. Both series features supernatural events that also features that are unimaginable.
report Recommended by Stark700
The atmosphere in both series focuses on the resolution of a mystery which spins off into a supernatural thread. Ghost Hound taps into more transcendental elements while Shinsekai offers biological and possible scientific (I.e. Sci-Fi) insights for certain aspects of the plot.
report Recommended by Stellio
Ghost Hound and Shinsekai Yori have similar slow paces, a focus on characterization, and play with the effects of sound within a psychologically-charged supernatural atmosphere.
report Recommended by UndockingDiction
In my opinion these two series are quite similar. Not only have they almost the same art style but also have similar plots. Both are quite hard to understand and are extremely centered on philosophical conception of the world. Supernatural events occur in both series. They are more focused on character development than plot.
report Recommended by SaruhikoFushimi
The main reason that connects these anime is obviously it's genre 'mystery'. Well it's commonly known that there are anime with sometimes very misplaced genre but you may be able to trust someone like me who's very much into anime with a chilling atmosphere in a mature sense. Meaning if you like interpreting and the attempt of figuring out what's gonna happen next or how every aspect of the anime connects together then you'll certainly be able to enjoy either of these anime.
report Recommended by cartoonartist