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Both shows are about working in the anime industry and feature girls who are trying to break in and establish themselves in the industry. In Shirobako, the focus is on the overall anime production process while in Seiyu's Life, the focus is on the voice acting aspect.
report Recommended by GridironOtaku
#1. They both give insight of the anime industry. However, "Sore ga Seiyuu" focuses more specifically on Voice Acting and Voice Actors #2. Besides giving insight, it also includes slice-of-life moments too. They both add as a comedic effect as well. #3. Both main characters have "talking toys" that help go more in depth of the processes in the industry. NOTE: The only huge difference (besides this one focusing on Voice Acting) is the art-style and animation.
report Recommended by SirOtakuGirl
While Shirobako is longer and more detailed, both give you a good look into the different aspects of the anime making process, while still being light-hearted. The colors are bright and the shows both follow female MCs who have difficulty deciding where they want their future to take them.
report Recommended by MangakaNotlora
★Both of them have a group of young female protagonists, which strive to become successful in what they do and try their best in the anime industry ★Shirobako focuses on most of the processes which are involved in the making of anime ★Sore Ga Seyuu focuses on the voice acting part in the production of anime, while also covering topics such as: web radio shows in Japan, idols, doing voice overs for tv programs, voice acting for drama CD's and others ★Both of them have the same atmosphere, setting, most of the action happening inside of a recording studio/ anime studio ★Both of them give important details on the   read more
report Recommended by alpha_shadow
Sore ga Seiyuu is a shitty version of Shirobako. If you like Seiyuu, you'll love Shirobako. If you love Shirobako, you can attempt to assuage or postpone the void with Seiyuu. WIN WIN !!
report Recommended by Sayberdess
Both are feel-good shows about a group of girls struggling to achieve their dreams in the industry of anime. As the stories unfold, we are given snippets of the inner workings of the industry that produces the shows we enjoy. Shirobako shows us how an anime is produced from start to finish while Sore ga Seiyu details the world of voice acting. Learn more and appreciate the people in the industry with these shows.
report Recommended by ALLONA
Both are focused in depicting their respective industries through the trials of their all-girl protagonists.
report Recommended by Darmaiad