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Hoshi no Koe
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Hoshi no Koe
Kumo no Mukou, Yakusoku no Basho
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Kumo no Mukou, Yakusoku no Basho
They\'re from the same director, so you can expect the style to be quite similar. Voices of a Distant star is a bit short in comparison, but quite similar otherwise. Both focus heavily on the relationships between main characters, and both have the whole near-future sci-fi thing going on.
report Recommended by Krelian
Both of these movies are highly artistic and thoughtful. They both share the same astounding animation and make enchanting stories. The Place Promised is longer, and more complex for it. Another incredible movie!
report Recommended by Lirael
Same Director; distinctly alike in tone.
report Recommended by Zin5ki
Both are from Shinkai Makoto
report Recommended by Hipsipila
It has same piano music, that makes anime realy dramatic and emocional. Story is similar longing of a girl for somthing out of reach.
report Recommended by uiosi
Kind of the same thing going on. Both the main girl and boy cannot communicate with each other face to face. The lead girl is lonely while the boy is trying to go on with his life. Both have the characters have their little monologues too.
report Recommended by para-medic
Both series focus on the feeling of longing for a loved one to come back. Both are set in a science fiction setting, but Kumo no Mukou, Yakusoku no Basho has a dash of fantasy in there as well.
report Recommended by AvatarSama
the person you love is far from you, what fate awaits you at the end? if you want to make yourself sad, these 2 are my suggestion
report Recommended by fainarufurasshu
Personally I'd recommend all Makoto Shinkai's films. The thing about these two is, though, one's a full-length film that feels like a short, and other's a short that feels like a full-length film. Shinkai's other shorts feel like shorts, and his other full-length films feel like full-length films. There's just something about these two.
report Recommended by Ameonna93
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