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91 Days
Both are located around criminals, mafia and revenge. The action in Gangsta is more dynamic than it is "91 Days" Both are prey to a mental game that can lead to loyalty or family love.
report Recommended by Omura
Both are about mafia and revenge. Both take place in Amerika and both have this fascinating twentieth-century America vibe.
report Recommended by RisuSaya
Both shows are about mafia and revenge. If you like shows about people getting killed, blood and alcohol involvement, you might like Gangsta a lot too.
report Recommended by Tomatepompom
Mafia, gangsters, revenge, blood, alcohol, betrayal, shooting and fights. Great soundtracks, animation and voice acting.
report Recommended by Hutai
Mafia and Revenge Everything in this show you would pretty much see in 91 days along with a mix of other good shows.
report Recommended by zurgboy00
The theme for both TV series centers around mafia and revenge. Nonetheless, while Gangsta contains more jokes and humorous situations, the overall impression for 91 days is rather dark and suspenseful.
report Recommended by SSSamuel
gangsters gangsters and more evil stuff just amazingly worth to watch so sad that the studio of gangsta. is closed now
report Recommended by MankoEater
Both are stories concerning gangs or families. Though Gangsta has a bit of comedy in each episode, 91 days focuses more on the serious side and the revenge of Angelo Lagusa. Cheers to the unpredictable moves of our protagonist, really amazing!
report Recommended by callmeschneizer