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Otome Youkai Zakuro
Both shows deal with half-demons that slay real demons. Both characters are on their own, but slowly build up a circle of friends. Both characters find love!
report Recommended by makimagic
The action takes place in the same kind of universe filled with spirits, demons and other magic creatures. On top, both series deal with human- demon relationships and the acceptance of each species.
report Recommended by SailorKagome
Both of these Anime deal with half-demons, each with a different way of becoming demons. They also deal with spiritual powers with female characters. They also have detailed art, though more so with Otome Youkai Zakuro due to it being newer.
report Recommended by Yemi_Hikari
These series deal with half "spirits" or demons and they revolve around the main half-spirit/demon characters and their human companions. They show their growing relationships and their fight against rouge demons and enemies.
report Recommended by Heta-rashi1
Inuyasha is a half-demon who is neither accepted by human or demons. This may not be the main issue of the anime (which is gathering the shikon jewel) but it does turn up quite a few times. The half-demon himself does partner himself up with a human girl, Kagome just like Zakuro and Agemaki. While Inuyasha and Kagome travel to search for pieces of the shikon jewel, they come across people who need help, which ultimately they both work together,developing a close relationship
report Recommended by Onigiri-tea
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